May 26, 2023 Building a Successful Business: Common Challenges and How to Overcome Them

This week, I wanted to address some comments that a few people wrote on one of my Facebook posts.


A few weeks back I posted this -

What do you feel you are the most confused about in terms of building your business?


Most wellness entrepreneurs are AMAZING at what they offer, but...

Mar 02, 2023 The power of small wins: Business growth hack

We said goodbye to 2022 just a couple of months ago. 


What an interesting year it was. I feel like I could say that about the last 3 years, really. 


What women have achieved in 2022?


Victoria’s Secret features a model with Down syndrome

The Puerto Rican model...

Feb 22, 2023 DOing vs BEing: How does it affect your business?

How is business?


Are people hiring you? Signing up to your programs? Attending your events?

Here's a little secret to attract more of THAT into your life and your business as a Wellness Entrepreneur.


"BE" more.


I know, you're probably thinking, "What the heck does that...

Aug 25, 2022 How to price your offer as a Wellness Entrepreneur.

I get asked about pricing all the time by my clients. 


"Kelsey - does this sound like a good price to you?"


"Kelsey - what should I charge for this?"


"Kelsey - is this what I should charge for my services?"


I always tell people that pricing is tricky because it...

Aug 17, 2022 Why is what you offer so damn valuable?

Do you have an answer for that?


As business owners, we tell people what we do... who we help... and how we help them. However, are you able to answer why is that so damn valuable?


If you help people get healthy - why is your program so valuable?


If you offer massage,...

Mar 30, 2022 Podcast 2 | Confidence vs. Self-Confidence


Do you know the difference between confidence and self-confidence? Many people consider the two terms interchangeable, but really they are yin and yang - two separate things that need each other in order to achieve success.

In today’s episode, I am talking about the difference...