10 Tips To Avoid Holiday Stress For Entrepreneurs

Dec 18, 2021

Happy Holidays to you my friends!

We are getting closer to that time of the year where we focus on navigating spending time with family… holidays gatherings… lots of food… lots of charcuterie boards… gift givingtraveling… parties… kids… cooking… baking… doing ALL the things during the holidays.

What do your holidays look like? Do they tend to be a little crazy?

Maybe your holiday season last year was incredibly quiet, so this year if you plan on seeing more people and being more active it might feel a bit more overwhelming. Last year things were still shut down in New York for the most part so our holidays were really quiet. 

Not a lot of people were traveling or were able to travel last year because of the pandemic (depending on where you live), so maybe integrating back into a busy holiday season feels like a bit of a shock after experiencing an extended period of quieter times.

The world...

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10 Of The Best Holiday Gift Ideas On A Budget

Dec 15, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide!

I LOVE giving gifts! I love it.

I love thinking about the person I'm buying for... I love shopping for them... I love wrapping gifts, making cards and adding to their holiday experience. 

Over the past few years since we moved to New York, our gifting budget has shrunk quite significantly. It's almost non-existent BUT that doesn't mean I still can't enjoy my love of giving gifts.

Here is a fun list of gift ideas I've created that might help you find that perfect gift for someone on your list - even when your budget is a bit tight (and let's be honest... after 2020 that's the case for many of us).

#1. For The Outdoor Lover

The Campo from BE Outfitter is a hammock, rain poncho, shelter, and ground cover all packed into one incredibly functional and packable product. They also sell amazing backpacks AND there is a 30% discount off the entire site right now.

#2. For The Aspiring Chef

The Anamaya Cookbook Membership is perfect for people who love to...

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