The power of small wins: Business growth hack

confidence female entrepreneur mindset Mar 02, 2023
The power of small wins: Business growth hack

We said goodbye to 2022 just a couple of months ago. 


What an interesting year it was. I feel like I could say that about the last 3 years, really. 


What women have achieved in 2022?


Victoria’s Secret features a model with Down syndrome

The Puerto Rican model Sofía Ji-rau is the first woman with Down syndrome to become a Victoria’s Secret model.


Women referee at the men's World Cup

Stéphanie Frappart of France became the first woman lead referee at a men’s World Cup match when she officiated a game between Costa Rica and Germany.


Ariana DeBose became the first Afro-Latina and openly LGBTQ actor to win best supporting actress when she took home the award at this year’s Oscars for her role as Anita in “West Side Story.”

Six decades earlier, her predecessor, actress Rita Moreno — who attended Sunday night’s ceremony — won the same award for the original film version of the Broadway musical, becoming the first Latina to win an acting award at the Oscars.


Ketanji Brown Jackson, was confirmed to the supreme court

She became the first Black woman to serve as a justice on the high court in its more than 200-year history.

Women are making history.


You can make history, too

Maybe you’re the first woman to run her own business in your family. 

Maybe in 2023 you’ll make over 6-figures for the first time.. Or multiple 6-figures for the first time. Or you’ll reach the 2 comma mark in your business for the first time!

Maybe in 2023 you’ll be fully booked for the first time.


You’ll launch a new membership for the first time. You’ll run your own retreat for the first time.

But before we dive into the firsts you’re going to create next year…

What are the firsts you created for yourself in 2022?

What did you accomplish?

What are you proud of?


What got you to where you are right now? Think of all the steps… all the mistakes… all the little wins along the way that made up your 2022 entrepreneurial journey.

If you have a journal like I do… go back and flip through it. It’s a great way to reflect on the past year. Look through it with the intention of recognizing the growth moments. 


Of catching the times when things were hard but you got through them. Of noticing the moments that felt so good and fulfilling. 

Maybe you’ll see the names of past clients and you get inspired to reach out to them and wish them a happy new year.


Sometimes I’ll also go through my planner - I use the passion planner, although I really should create my own planner… but maybe that will be a 2023 goal of mine - but I’ll go through my planner and look at all the calls, all the coaching sessions, all the meetings, all the time spent on content creation or lead magnets or writing this post or sending out emails or working with my Mastermind group - and I allow myself to take all of that in.


And not in a way that feels overwhelming. In a way that feels accomplished. It’s a way I can pat myself on the back, look at all the focus, dedication and energy I put into helping more women build their businesses. Helping more women make more money. Helping more women feel better about themselves. 


That is time well spent, and I don't really think about that unless I intentionally look at the year behind me… physically look through my planner and my journal so it’s right there in front of me, and think “Wow girl - look at all of that!!” “Nice work!”


At this time of the year it’s easy to fall into a bit of a funk, because we typically will look at all the things we didn’t accomplish.


A few weeks ago in my Mastermind, one of my members said, “I’m feeling frustrated because I didn’t make the money I wanted to make this year.”

She didn’t hit her financial goal so her thoughts were, I can’t find any clients. I’m doing all this work but I don’t have enough clients.

Now remember… We overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in 3… and also remember, if you want to succeed, you need to fail.


So she’s on the right track. She’s a coach and this is her first year in business. She has a podcast, she has 1:1 clients and actually just signed up a new client the day before our Mastermind call. Not only did she sign her up but the women paid before the consultation call even ended.


So I asked my mastermind member - what was your thought before going into that call? And she said, my thought was, “I’m signing this client today”.

Thank goodness her thought wasn’t where are all the clients? I don’t have enough clients before she went into that call, or the woman would have felt that scarcity energy and wouldn’t have signed up to work with her. 


So I coached her in the group and she recognized where that scarcity energy lived in her body and what it represented.. And we also discovered where her empowered and confident energy lived in her body and what it represented… and then how to honor and accept both parts of her, and shift the focus so her brain is looking at all the evidence that what she’s doing IS in fact working, instead of her brain looking for all the evidence that it isn't. 


It doesn't matter if she hits her financial goals or not… It's about the mindset you have as you move towards those goals. It‘s about the person you become, the entrepreneur you become as you work towards achieving those goals. 


AND guess what… you’re going to do the exact same thing next year. 

You’re going to set goals for yourself and work towards them. Some you’ll achieve and others you won’t, but what matters most is who you become… the growth you experience… your evolution as an entrepreneur as you work towards making them happen.


Do you think holding on to the thought: I need more clients, I can’t find more clients will help you achieve your goals?


Do you think holding onto the thought  “I am capable”. Or “My business is growing”. Or “My work is transforming lives” will help you achieve your goals?

Well, one thing I know for sure is that you’ll go further faster. 


You may or may not achieve them exactly how you laid out - like the member of my mastermind, but let me tell you once we looked back at everything she HAD accomplished it blew everyone’s mind. 


This woman is on FIRE!!!

For only being in business as a coach for a year - what she has accomplished is freaking inspiring, but because she didn't hit the financial goal she was working towards, all her brain wanted to do was look for evidence that her business wasn’t working.

Our little brains are so sneaky.


They are NOT very helpful at times.

But what IS helpful is looking back over your year and taking in all the wins… all the growth… all the failures you learned from… all the moments of you stepping into your power as an unstoppable entrepreneur.


If you’re reading this then you haven’t stopped. You’re not giving up. You’re serving the world and making it a better place.


There are people out there who are waiting to work with you. YOU and your business is EXACTLY what they need and they can’t wait to find you. 

And everything you did this past year is moving you towards meeting them.

I had a meeting today with my Marketing Manager, Shelby and we were talking about my free training Breaking the $10K Code - and when people sign up to take that free training they also get 7 days access to my Members Only Portal, which currently has 5 or 6 other free trainings and a Find Your Voice Challenge as well.


And I was saying to Shelby - if everyone took my free masterclass on breaking the $10k code, and then consumed all the content in my members only portal - they would be SET UP for 2023. 

I said to her - it’s ALL in there. 


Because she wanted to know exactly what other trainings I had in the portal, so I went in and I said Oh right - they get this money mindset training, and they get the beliefs training on how to step into your role as an unstoppable entrepreneur, and they get my signature training, and the “find your voice” challenge, and even the “word of the year” program.


But when I looked at everything lined up, I was thinking two things.

Number one: With this resource you are set up!!

And number two: I felt really proud of myself for putting it all together for women like you. It was something I accomplished this year. It was something I put a lot of time and energy into. It was one of those things I wouldn’t have really thought about unless I looked back.

So look back over the years.


Take note of what you accomplished. Focus on how it all makes you feel. Train your brain to look for evidence that your business IS working, even when it doesn't feel like it is.

Look at the wins. Look at the things you may feel fel-short, but then look at the lessons you learned because of it. 


2023 is going to be INSANE for my clients. I can just feel it. The energy has already started to build so I’m super stoked about looking forward… but I also think it’s really important to reflect back. 

Our brain needs the reminder of what got us here.


You did it!

You’re doing it!

Feel that in your heart!

You’re making history.


There is no one on the planet who is doing what you do, in the way you are doing it.

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