Why is what you offer so damn valuable?

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Do you have an answer for that?


As business owners, we tell people what we do... who we help... and how we help them. However, are you able to answer why is that so damn valuable?


If you help people get healthy - why is your program so valuable?


If you offer massage, acupuncture, reiki, or other forms of body work or physical/spiritual healing… why are your sessions so valuable? 


If you’re a yoga teacher or a retreat leader - why are your classes or retreats so incredibly valuable? 


If you’re a coach - why is working with you so fricken valuable? 


When you’re on a consultation call with a prospective client, you tell them what you do and how you help people… and they share with you what they are struggling with, and what they are looking for.


So let's say you're having a consultant call with a potential client and you feel like this person is a great fit for what you offer, and they ask you what the cost is. You tell them your price, and they say, "Hmmmmmm, that’s more than what I thought it would be".


How does that make you feel?


Does it make you feel unsure? Or maybe insecure or frustrated or worried or defeated or sad

Or does it make you feel curious, or excited, or surprised, or motivated?


If a potential client who you feel would be the perfect fit for your program thinks the price is high, or too expensive, or more than they thought it would be… how does that make you feel?


If it brings up a lot of self-doubt then you haven’t done the work around the value of your offer. What do people walk away with, after working with you?


When my 1:1 clients work with me for my 6 month Wellness Entrepreneur Accelerator program, they walk away with:

  • Confidence in their niche, their positioning, their offer, and their pricing.
  • A powerful tool that I use every week (the Business Map) that has helped me build 7-figure businesses.
  • Clarity on how to grow their business and take it to the next level.
  • Significant growth as entrepreneurs who have evolved both personally and professionally in exponential ways.
  • Knowing without a doubt what VALUE they bring to the table with what they offer.


The value of that for a struggling entrepreneur who is trying to get to the point where their business is sustainable, growing steadily, and making consistent income is PRICELESS!


Plus I didn’t even include the financial rewards, the strategies learned, and the deep personal healing and coaching that they experience while working with me. That alone you can’t attach a price tag to!


If someone says to me, "Oh, I didn’t think it would cost that much to work with you"... I get CURIOUS!


Because in my mind I know what I offer is transformational, I know it changes peoples lives, and I know that I actually charge a much LOWER price than many other coaches out there who do what I do. And I'm also aware that I charge a higher price than some coaches as well.


BUT IT'S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBER… it’s about the value I know is attached to what I offer.

So I want you to do al little investigation to uncover if your mind and body are in alignment with what you offer, your pricing, and the value attached that.


If you are not in alignment with your pricing or the value then it doesn’t matter if you're charging $250 or $250,000.


Do you see that?

You want to know exactly what people will walk away with and the value of that.


That way, when you are dealing with people coming to you with price objections - not only do you feel solid in the price that you’ve chosen, but you KNOW without a doubt, what the true value is. What they will walk away with. How their life will be transformed after working with you.


So when they say, "Oh, I wasn’t expecting it to be that much", it won’t knock you for a loop. You’ll be in a better position to get curious or become excited to share more, because it’s clear they’re not seeing the true value.


Now here's the caveat... if they’re still not buying, that’s ok.

You never want to convince someone to purchase something they’re not ready for, or they can’t afford.


Maybe "no" means you still have some work you can do to improve how you communicate your offer… or maybe "no" means they’re not the right client for you at this time.


So with all of this in mind, I have a CHALLENGE for you!


For 10 days, you’re going to answer the following question:

Why is what I offer so damn valuable?

... and then come up with a different answer every single day.


Feel free to tag me in Facebook or IG and use the Hashtags #ValueChallenge2022 and #SoDamnValuable (even if you're reading this in 2024... use those hashtags so I know which challenge you're doing).


You can also let me know what day you’re on. Here's an example from one of my clients who runs an Intuitive Eating Program:


Day 1 #Value Challenge 2022. My offer is so damn valuable because women will no longer struggle with their relationship with food and their body. They will be able to eat what they truly want with joy instead of fear or guilt. And appreciate their body for all that it does instead of worrying about what it looks like. After working with me they are no longer keeping 3 sets of clothes in different sizes cuz their weight constantly fluctuates. They no longer constantly buy new clothes cuz they think the clothes will make them feel better in their body. Money saved from no longer buying into all the fad diets and gimmicky foods. Time value is no longer spending hours scouring menus to find something that fits whatever diet they’re currently on. Weekly meal planning/prepping will take way less time as well when they don’t have a whole list of rules & restrictions that they have to follow.


Fantastic example right!?

I want you to ask yourself Why is what I offer so damn valuable, every day for 10 days and remember that all the answers have to be different.


Are you in? Let’s do this!

This challenge is not only fun, but on the other side of the 10 days you will feel so differently about your business, about how you serve your clients, and about what you offer.

Don't forget to tag me!

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