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"I’m on a mission to empower women to take charge of their health and well-being, so that they have a strong foundation to excel in their careers and live a balanced and full life."

Kelsey Matheson
Personal Coach

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DO YOU HAVE A DESIRE TO GET ON THE PATH TO OPTIMAL HEALTH? Get the details  on my Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy.

Using the knowledge of experts that I have personally worked with over the years, you will gain SOLUTIONS to take charge of your health and rediscover what it means to feel vibrant.

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BOOST YOUR INCOME AND YOUR LIFE SKILLS! Whether taking a career to the next level, building a brand new business, improving health and well-being, or making a life-long dream come true, we will work together to develop a winning game plan.

You will see immediate and impactful RESULTS as we create a strong foundation. Through my method that incorporates a blend of curiosity, critical thinking and compassion, you will overcome personal blocks and obstacles with ease.

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8 Steps To Optimal Well-Being

Grab this free 36-minute coaching video where you'll learn about the Wheel of Health - my system that will keep your well-being on track! Includes a beautiful balancing meditation.

In 2011, my physical and mental health hit a rock bottom. Even with the amount of outward success in business I had achieved up to that point, there was something missing. I had to look inward. That journey led me to life coaches and health professionals, who collectively saved my life.

They inspired me to help other women. In 2015, I decided to do the deep-dive and began training to become a personal coach.

Somehow I found it in me to see the bigger picture; to realize that I could be more and not settle for a less-than-full existence. Gradually (nothing happens overnight!) the light came back and I am thrilled to be where I am today ... A fearless entrepreneur, traveler, mother and wife.

I am a coach who specializes in helping women not only take charge of their health and wellness, but also find true success in their careers and ultimately create the life of their dreams.

As your future coach, I share all of this to reassure you that I have struggled and faced many challenges. I know that there is a way through them. It can even be a lot of FUN! 

As a woman living in 2017, I think that we have to find new ways to manage motherhood, careers, relationships and responsibilities. Incorporating work/life balance and self-care have become buzz phrases, and while they're important, if that's truly what you want then a deeper dive is required.

Taking the plunge can be scary (I know!), but not making the investment in yourself would be the real tragedy.

Think, just for a minute, about the consequences of inaction; of not getting the support you need to take control of your life.

Empowering yourself to transform the beliefs and behaviours that are not serving you is the only way to transition the next level. To live a life you absolutely LOVE.


"Kelsey's ability to listen and ask the right questions has allowed me to take my life and business to the next level. Her coaching provided me with clarity and sparked profound action that has set me up for future success."

Tara, Minneapolis

"Kelsey is an inspiring and clear guide. Her coaching has been so helpful and important for me!"

Paula, NYC

"I sat down with Kelsey to discuss some challenges I had been facing in my professional life. Not only did Kelsey get it immediately, but she shared a range of solutions and strategies that were instantly applicable!"

Sarka, Toronto

"I feel so much better! I am much more consistent with my choices after going through this program and have had fun incorporating more exercise... happy to say that I lost 10 pounds!"

Laura, Los Angeles
Student, The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy

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