DOing vs BEing: How does it affect your business?

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DOing vs BEing How does it affect your business - woman with pink brim hat raised hand at the beach

How is business?


Are people hiring you? Signing up to your programs? Attending your events?

Here's a little secret to attract more of THAT ⬆ into your life and your business as a Wellness Entrepreneur.


"BE" more.


I know, you're probably thinking, "What the heck does that mean!?!"


It means to stand in who you are... to not be afraid of listening to your gut... to embrace your imperfections... to have the courage to act from your inner power. "DOing" won't help you with getting more clients. It won't help you grow your business. And it definitely won't help you evolve as an entrepreneur.


You can Do and Effort all day long, but if those actions are not coming from a place of honesty and alignment (and are instead fueled by scarcity, worry & stress), then you'll find yourself on the dreaded hamster wheel spinning and spinning and spinning.


It will leave you stuck and frustrated!


BEing is you having the audacity to take action from a place of you being you.


It sounds simple but it's harder than we might imagine.

We're constantly being bombarded with messages of how we're "supposed" to build our businesses... how we're "supposed" to show up as entrepreneurs... and conflicting standards about being women (especially in business).


I challenge you to challenge that!


I challenge you to pay attention to when you're not present... to when the doubt demons come knocking on your door... to when your actions are coming from a place that is based in fear and not in integrity or authenticity.


It takes practice. I know that to be true for myself.


There are many times when I don't reach my goals and I start to panic, and my decisions moving forward are fueled by anxiety and self-doubt. That will NEVER move the needle on your business. People can feel that energy from miles away.


Your clients will want to work with you because they can feel your authenticity. Because they can sense your creativity, spirit and virtue.


The energy of DOing is not attractive.

The energy of BEing is exciting, enticing and inviting.


Are you aware of the times that you're operating from a place of BEing vs DOing? Notice how different it feels when you're grounded, present, and can feel that your actions are in alignment with how you want to operate as a Wellness Entrepreneur and build your business?


There's more flow.

There's more trust.

There's more EASE.


In episode 41 of my podcast Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs I talk about the pressures we women put on ourselves to always be busy. We live in a society that rewards being busy, but many times we fall into the trap of thinking that being busy means that we're DOing something valuable... or it gives us some sort of status... or we feel it makes us worthy.


Tune into episode 41 of Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs to learn more about why being busy can be the opposite of BEing.

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