How to price your offer as a Wellness Entrepreneur.

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I get asked about pricing all the time by my clients. 


"Kelsey - does this sound like a good price to you?"


"Kelsey - what should I charge for this?"


"Kelsey - is this what I should charge for my services?"


I always tell people that pricing is tricky because it really depends on you, your brain, and your body. I know that sounds strange, but stick with me here...


Does your pricing feel in alignment? Does it feel right? Does it feel good?


I had a client once who was launching a new program and she wanted to charge $800 for that program. She asked me what I thought about the price, so I asked her what SHE thought about the price. 


(I did that annoying coachy thing where I turned it around and asked her, her own question back)


When I asked her what she thought about it... she was very honest and said she thought it was too much.


Now, I could have spent a ton of time coaching her on the thought that it was "too much", or other thoughts leading her to feel uncomfortable about the price. We could have talked about the actions she was taking, or how she was showing up in her business (or not showing up) when she’s thinking that the price is too much...


Instead, I helped her to come up with a price that felt good in her body… that gave her the energy of “YES! This is a great price!"... that led her to think I have no problem asking for this amount or telling people this program costs X amount of dollars. 


Because here’s the thing…. If she feels it's a fantastic price, she’ll have no problem selling it.


If she thinks the price is too much, she’s going to have a really difficult time selling it. That’s going to be a real challenge for her because there's a lack of congruence. 


She’s saying Yes, this is the price it’s totally worth it! But in her head she’s thinking, well not really. Her audience will FEEL that she doesn't think it's worth the $800, that deep down she thinks it’s over priced, and that she's not in alignment with it.


Your body will also be a powerful indicator of whether or not you’re in alignment or not. If you say, "My program is $800" and you feel an ache in your gut, or you cringe inside when you say it out-loud - those are some VERY clear signs you’re not believing in your pricing 100%.


And the truth is... that’s ok.


This is really important information to have, and my client was being really honest with herself when she admitted that’s she felt the price was too expensive. It was a price that she came up with and she really wanted to be in alignment with that price… but when I asked her some questions about it she realized she didn’t believe in it. 


The good news is, if we’re not there yet, and we recognize it… then it’s so much easier to move forward. 


Fighting against yourself and your pricing doesn't make any sense to me. 


I see business coaches telling their clients to have a high ticket item… I see entrepreneurs set prices I can tell they are not in alignment with… and it just seems like such an unnecessary struggle. 


From my perspective - I like my clients to choose a price that feels really good in their mind and their body, and then PRACTICE telling everyone their prices, and start booking clients.


Because here’s the thing… even when your pricing feels really good… when you first start selling your programs or your offers and telling people what you charge… you will already be stepping outside your comfort zone. 


You will have to deal with objections and learn to overcome them.

You will have people tell you no.


So since that learning curve will already be a little uncomfortable, why add another layer of stress and anxiety to the mix with a price point that doesn’t feel good to you? 


I would rather you have a price that you feel 100% confident in and practice selling what you offer at that price.


After you've practiced selling that offer - THEN we can work on your money mindset stuff, we can go deep and heal those money blocks, uncover limiting beliefs that you have about money, about your worth, about asking people for money… all the things that come up for us, especially as women. 


Once you choose a price that make sense, then it's important to get more and more comfortable asking people to pay you whatever price that is.


At some point you'll be ready to increase your rates and you’ll be in a much better position to do so. You’ll be more confident. You’ll be more experienced. Your brain will be more open to believing your new thoughts about a higher price. You’ll have some evidence that people easily paid you X amount and received a ton of value, so it makes perfect sense to increase it to Y.


This is something I work on with my Mastermind group all the time. It's amazing the mind drama that's created around pricing. It's amazing the money stories and blocks we have as women. The good news is - it's possible to move past it all and create thriving businesses.

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