How To Get More Clients as a Wellness Entrepreneur

coaching entrepreneurship expert advice online business success woman entrepreneur Nov 11, 2021

As a wellness entrepreneur, do you know why someone might choose to do business with you, over someone else?


Why would someone choose your retreat over someone else’s retreat? Why would someone choose you as their coach instead of another coach who has the exact same niche?

Knowing what makes you stand out from your competitors is key in signing up more clients and making more money in your business.

This is something I call your X-Factor. 

What makes you unique.

What makes your business special? 

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

It ALL comes down to your X-Factor.

This is really important to understand about yourself and your business because knowing what sets you apart will clarify, simplify and streamline your marketing efforts. 

Place yourself in the shoes of your client… why do they want to work with you instead of going to someone else? What value do you offer that no one else does?

The 4th episode of my podcast is titled First Comes Value, Then Comes Wealth. In that episode I talk about the difference between generating money and wealth, because once you understand the difference, your business, mindset, and profits will reach a higher level. 

If you want to grow your wealth then you need to offer more value… and if you want your business to stand out, you want to offer value that no one else can offer but YOU!

Part of your x-factor is connected to the value you offer your clients… But it’s also about what makes you unique as an individual. Your personality, your innate characteristics, and fun quirky behaviors are all connected to your x-factor. 

Is your style serious like a drill sergeant or are you more whimsical and free flowing? Or maybe you have a hilarious sense of humor with the mouth of a trucker.


You could be a fitness expert and have the personality of a drill sergeant where there are no excuses in your programs, and you take the structure of the programs very seriously (and expect your clients to take them just as seriously as you do). There is no complaining, no BS, and your clients see massive results in a very short period of time and love you for it. They love the discipline… they love the accountability… they love your attitude and strategy.

Now, another fitness expert might have a more whimsical approach. She might incorporate more play and flow into how she leads her programs. She talks a lot about self-love, and dives deep into the blocks and the feelings that surface during her clients' fitness journeys. Her clients also get fantastic results and they love the support and the energy of the space she creates.

Both very effective programs… both get great results… both have raving fans.

They just have very different approaches and different x-factors that make them unique.


Another part of the X-Factor puzzle is that it incorporates your skills and your past experience.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses… and I’ve built businesses that were complete flops. That experience is part of my x-factor as a success coach for female entrepreneurs.

I’ve made some really great decisions in the past… and I’ve also made some epic mistakes. Some of those mistakes cost me a ton of money. Others had me in tears thinking I was a total failure. And some mistakes had me second-guessing myself wanting to throw in the towel thinking I wasn’t cut out for this.

BUT it was the mistakes that brought me the most growth, and my clients really appreciate hearing those failure stories because I’m able to share what they taught me. It normalizes making mistakes and gives my clients permission to fail... and if anything I ENCOURAGE the failures and the mistakes. 

If you want to succeed you need to fail more.

If you want to build your self-confidence, you need to fail more.

If you want to get really clear on what your x-factor is, you need to fail more.


Sounds like fun right!? 

Look, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. That’s why not everyone does it, but what I think is so exciting is that the number of female entrepreneurs is growing. 

So let’s get clear on your X-Factor! Your X-Factor is your competitive edge.

What are you damn good at?

What makes you as an individual unique?

How do you offer value?

What makes your business stand out?

When you are able to define your x-factor you will start incorporating it into your marketing, into your messaging, incorporate it into your website, and tell potential clients when you're making offers to work with you.

When I work with my clients on their x-factors they usually ask me what mine is. I typically say something like:

"I am a success coach for female, purpose driven wellness entrepreneurs, and I help women take massive action to step into their roles as leaders, double their income, and simplify the process of building their businesses in order to serve more people.

I’m a serial 7-figure business builder who believes that the more women who are building wellness business while creating the lives of their dreams - the better off the world will be for generations to come. 

I bring my 20 years of experience... my skills as a certified coach... my compassion and understanding of what it means to be a busy woman in this world... a ton of value, and proven strategies to the table - while understanding that women who are growing wellness businesses are not interested in hard core, guerrilla type marketing and sales tactics that feel out of alignment and just plain gross."

That's a long version of my X-Factor, and it’s changed a lot over the years, but I think about it when I create content for marketing or messaging for my business.

My X-Factor is about me, my business and what makes it unique… but it’s also about my audience. 


This is why your X-Factor is so important to think about and why I encourage you to get clear and define it.

Even if you are just starting out you have an X-Factor!

As you start to think about your X-Factor, think about some of the words people use to describe you. How others see you is very different from how you see yourself so there's gold in finding out how others view you. 

What do people say are your best qualities or what do they love about you?

Knowing that, plus incorporating your skills and past experiences, the value you offer, and being clear on your innate personality traits & behaviors will help you to define your X-Factor.

Having a clear X-Factor will help you serve more clients, grow your business, and make more money. Period.

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