Value = Wealth - Why Added Value is Important For a Business

entrepreneurship money mindset online business woman entrepreneur Oct 27, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we are providing a product or a service that helps people and serves them in a meaningful way. We fill in a gap where our audience or our clients have a specific need.

And as we build our businesses we generate revenue. That’s the goal right?!

Truth: If your business isn’t making money, it’s a hobby. 

But let's talk about wealth. Wealth is not something that you go out and get. Wealth is something that you create... and you create it by first creating VALUE.


The way that you create wealth, is by creating value in the world.


Many of us were raised to think that there’s this "pie" that represents all the money and wealth in the world... And if some people have a big portion of that pie, then it means there’s not enough to go around for the rest of us.

I've heard people say, "Billionaires shouldn’t be billionaires because they should give away most of their wealth to others that need it". 

Well, there ARE billionaires that actually do exactly that. There have been people who went from being billionaires to millionaires because of the money they donate, but that's really not the issue here.

If you want to have a healthier relationship with money, then the questions is WHY do you think that? Why do you have a problem with people who make or have a lot of money?

What is the feeling that is generated when you think that?

What are the thoughts you are thinking when you get upset about wealth or money?

Diving into THAT will absolutely uncover many of your limiting beliefs, mind drama, and blocks about wealth & money.

As entrepreneurs the point is for our businesses to serve people, and by doing that our businesses MAKE MONEY!

As business owners we have a community to serve - so it is your responsibility to add value. The value comes by building a business that provides services, experiences or products that are worth 10x the amount of value that you’re selling them for. 

As a business owner it's important to over-deliver because THAT is what will generate wealth.

So... the next question is HOW do you over deliver and add value in your business?

#1. Speed

If you sell a product, is there a way of getting it to your customer faster? If your business is results driven, how you help your clients produce results more quickly in a way that still feels in alignment with you and what you offer? I always say "speed kills" when I'm referring to BUILDING your business... but in terms of customer service and achieving results, reducing wait times can massively transform your business and add more value to what you do.

#2. Quality

How can you increase the quality of what you offer? What defines quality in your customers mind? How can you improve upon your products or your services so the quality increases? The quality of something is from the perspective of your client so do some market research to find out more about what that looks like and how you can incorporate that into your business.

#3. Offer More

How can you add more to what you offer? What bonuses, extras or gifts can you incorporate into what you're selling? We love to receive extra stuff! Now I'm not talking about extra stuff for the sake of it being extra stuff that isn't actually helpful... I'm talking about extra stuff that would be super valuable on its own. Something your client would typically be happy to pay extra for, but you give to them as an added bonus when they purchase your product or service.


If you want you and your business to stand out, then adding value will set you apart AND it will help you to create wealth and abundance in your life.

I truly believe that value = wealth, and I've witnessed how this works over and over again. Think of it as Karma for your business. And I don't mean what goes around, comes around or that Karma is a social justice system. 

I'm a certified yoga instructor and what I've been taught about Karma is that it means Action in Sanskrit. The rewards of the actions taken are not the motive to take action. We take action to serve WITHOUT any attachment or expectation of succeeding or failing. 

Taking action to serve is adding value. Value = Wealth.

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