30 Day Renewal - Day 9 and My WHY!

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Why Know Your WHY?

When you know your WHY, you know your WAY!

I’ve been talking about knowing your WHY with my coaching clients a long time before Simon Sinek made it popular.

We see the question “what’s your why?” in books, podcasts, motivational talks and workshops. It helps us establish meaning and a purpose behind our drive.

Knowing our WHY also helps us develop a sense of purpose. Studies show that people who feel a sense of purpose make more money, are happier, healthier & more confident, and deal with stress & anxiety more easily.

So here I am, on a 30-day renewal and today is day 9.

Have I slipped a little? Yep! In full transparency, on day 6 and 7 I slipped and didn’t fully stick to my plan. I’m back on track now, but what I realized is that I didn't get clear on my WHY at the beginning of the 30 days so it was easier to justify cheating.

No one is forcing me to do this 30-day renewal. I can drop it today and forget about it if I want to… but I have goals and I started this journey for a reason. Since I had a little slip it's CRUCIAL that I figure out my WHY in order to create a stronger and more passionate driving force as I move forward.

Knowing my WHY will help me stay motivated. I have 21 more days to go and this slip is a great reminder of why I need to get incredibly clear on why the heck am I doing this in the first place.

So what is my WHY?

Why do I want to shed some pounds and detoxify my body?

Because I don’t like how I feel or how I look.


Why don’t I like the way I feel or look? 

Because my body doesn’t move the way I’m used to with the extra pounds… I don’t have as much energy… I’m not happy with the way my clothes look on me… I feel tired and gross... I feel uncomfortable undressing in front of my husband -- who I've been with for over 15 years!


Why do I want to change the way I feel and look?

Because feeling better and having more energy will allow me to do more with my daughter… it will motivate me to stop hiding inside (which has been super easy to do during a pandemic)… because I want to feel more confident and show up more on social media to promote my businesses… I want to feel sexier and more comfortable in my own skin... and overall, positively changing the way I feel and look will improve my physical, mental and emotional health.


Why do I want to improve my physical, mental and emotional health? 

Because I’m sick of feeling depressed and gross… because I don't want to hide any longer, I want to be more present with my daughter and husband… I want to show up as the best version of me… I want to practice what I preach and live my life as optimally as possible.


Why do I want to be more present with my family and live my life as optimally as possible? 

Because I want to be deeply connected with my loved ones and fully enjoy and experience the time I have with my daughter at this stage of her life – and all future stages of her life. I want to fully enjoy my marriage with passion and excitement. I want to live my life as optimally as possible to enjoy my life to the fullest, tap into the passion that lives inside me, and live with a sense of adventure & excitement, and be fully conscious on this life journey.


Why do I want to live my life to the fullest with passion and be fully conscious?

Because I don’t want to hide and avoid living anymore. Because I used to live my life with such vitality and I want to experience that again.


Why do I want to stop hiding and avoiding, and live with vitality?

Because I’m here on this planet to grow, evolve, serve, and make the world a better place. Because I want to show up in this world as the best version of myself. Because I know when I stop hiding, I will make more money… I will have more fulfilling relationships… I will feel stronger, happier & more passionate – and not because I’ve lost some weight, but because during the 30-day journey I will stop resisting my feelings and HEAL.

Do you see the process I went through there? When I initially wrote this out I only asked myself "why" 5 times. Ideally you want to do it 7, so I asked "why" two more times and you can see where I landed.

"Because I want to grow, evolve, serve, and make the world a better place" is incredibly more powerful than "because I don't like how I look or feel".

Can you feel that? 

Here’s the thing, there is a lot happening in the world that we can’t control. The world will continue to go on without us. There will always be Pandemics. Vaccinations. Wars. Politicians. Death. Natural Disasters. I have no control over any of those things, but what I DO have control over is how I show up in the world… and how I’m currently showing up is not going to support me in creating the life I want.

It's the summer. The masks are coming off (both literally and figuratively). The bbq's and afternoon patio hang-outs are starting up - and essentially that's what steered me off course this past weekend. 

I don't beat myself up.

I don't quit.

I look at what happened and how can I set myself up for success moving forward.

I look at the situation from as many perspectives as possible. I always say the person with the most perspectives has the most power... so I'm taking my power back, getting clear on my WHY, and celebrating the fact that I'm back on track baby!

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