I’m Kelsey Matheson. I’m an international entrepreneur and a success & empowerment coach for women.

Through my work, what I've seen so far is that we're living in a world where the majority of women don’t know how powerful they really are… For the most part we’re not taught to embrace our magnificence.

In fact, our society has made it very challenging for women to shine their light and step into their roles as leaders.

I know you are destined for greatness because we’re all on this planet with a purpose. You might not know what that is yet…but you deserve to thrive!


I’m a mother, wife, creator, business owner, traveler, lover of life…and that’s all lead me to become a success & empowerment coach for women.

Through healing techniques, energy work and the world’s leading coaching strategies, I work with you to heal emotional trauma that is holding you back… we work together to unleash your power and badass within… we find clarity, direction, and transform your income, relationships, health and mindset.

I’ve built multiple businesses, studied with some of the greatest minds on this planet, and I intimately understand how personal and professional evolutions are connected.

Are you a female business owner?

Are you thinking about starting a business?

Have you set goals for yourself, but feel totally overwhelmed trying to accomplish them?  

Honey, I can relate and I’m here to support you through it! 

I happened to find my passion for entrepreneurship in high school by taking a Marketing 101 class I thought would be an “easy elective”. 

Fast forward to me being the first in my family to own their own business, and when 

my husband and I made the dream of moving to NYC happen, I was the main money-maker for our family.

As a passionate entrepreneur I’ve spent the last 20 years building thriving businesses in Canada, the US and Costa Rica.

As a result of creating these incredible businesses, including BE Outfitter and the world-renowned Anamaya Resort, I have been featured on many podcasts, in summits and top publications such as Forbes and ELLE magazine. 

But the best thing is truly being able to create an impact on the world.

As a coach, I’ve trained with world renowned mentors and designed multiple online courses, practical tools, and essential strategies to personally help thousands of women in the journey to creating the life they desire. 

Not only do we establish a new course through our work together, but often these women are so transformed by the guidance provided, that we continue to collaborate for many years to accomplish goals they, at one time, could have never fathomed.

Back in 2009, just one month after giving birth to my daughter, I opened a wellness resort in Costa Rica.

Ironically, this ended up driving my own health and well-being into the ground. I gained a lot of weight, I was exhausted all the time, I had no sex-drive, I felt disconnected to everyone and everything.

I had personal goals I wanted to achieve, as well as professional goals I was working towards, but my head was in a fog and my emotions were running the show.

I was at rock bottom. 

Even with the amount of outward success in business I had achieved up to that point, there was something missing. 

So I went inward. That journey led me to work with numerous coaches and health professionals who collectively saved my life.

These dynamic women inspired me to help others, so I began training to become a success coach.

Learning what self-care REALLY means and the importance of having a balanced and full life, has been key to my success as an entrepreneur. Today, I can say that I am a fully-present wife, mother, daughter, friend and ladyboss running multiple businesses.

In 2017, I launched the Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy which has helped hundreds of women reconnect to their inner power - all while learning how to fight fatigue, manage stress and shedding unwanted weight! 

Meditation is a part of the 8-week online course and you can download a free 15-minute meditation for healing and unleashing your true power right here.


I know you want to grow thriving businesses and uncover your blocks, without battling the culture of busyness.

These days I dedicate my time to empowering women to take charge of their lives and get out of their own way.

So they can acquire the tools to stop all the efforting and forcing… and start flowing.

When you work with me, you are making an important investment in yourself and I take that very seriously.  

My clients want, and GET…

  • Specific tools to grow a thriving business
  • To uncover and heal their blocks so they can effortlessly reach the next level
  • To transform their lives both personally and professionally
  • To make this world a better place through real passion and influence
  • To make more money, while improving their health, mindset and relationships
  • Loving support and guidance.

If you’re ready to live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life, let’s discuss the various ways we can make it happen! 

I invite you to book a FREE consultation, or contact me via email [email protected].


"I’m blown away with the process and results I've had because of Kelsey’s coaching! When I met her, I knew instantly she was what I needed.  Her guidance and tools have allowed me to go above and beyond what I imagined. Kelsey has helped me put my work out there as a writer, work on inner growth, and kickstart my money mindset. I look forward to our weekly calls because she brings something special into my life. She is intuitive, open-hearted, focused, and a huge support.  If you are looking for that next push in life, Kelsey is the coach for you!" - Rachel Puma


"Kelsey has the expertise, experiences, connections and tools that can help even newbie entrepreneurs, like myself, grow in business in a professional and purposeful way. I am so honored to have her as a coach. If you’re seeking motivation or expertise on starting a business, or support as you grow, I highly recommend Kelsey!" - Stacey Fields Balster