I believe empowering women is the key to making the world a better place.

Managing motherhood, a career, relationships and responsibilities?

Me too!

My Why = Your Solution 

I became a success coach so that I could dedicate my time to empowering women to take charge of their lives and get out of their own way! Too often personal health and well-being gets swept under the rug or shoved to the back-burner.

You know what I'm talking about... We get pulled in a million directions before the burnout sets in and we start using food or wine or Netflix to cope.

The Transformation To Business & Life Coach

Learning what self-care REALLY means and the importance of having a balanced and full life, has been key to my success as an entrepreneur.  Today, I can say that I am a fully-present wife, mother, daughter, friend and ladyboss running multiple businesses in the US and Costa Rica. BE Outfitter and Anamaya Resort are two top-tier ventures that have been featured in...

But It Hasn't Always Been Rainbows & Buzzfeed

In 2011, I hit the proverbial "rock bottom". Even with the amount of outward success in business I had achieved up to that point, there was something missing. After years as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, the passion was gone... along with my physical and mental health. As I curled up crying (more times than I would like to admit) in my office,  I had no idea what the next step should be; only that some inner work desperately needed to be done.

That journey led me to a team of health experts and master coaches, who collectively saved my life.

Living Consciously

With the help of the same experts that I consulted with, I created The Optimal Health and Conscious Living Academy to help women rediscover their vitality. This is an 8-week course that provides everything you need to take charge of your health and well-being. All based on the 7+ years I spent researching and finally experiencing real results. My team and I launched my Academy in 2017 and have transformed many women, aka Wellness Warriors through the program.

They say things like: "It's like getting an owner's manual for my inner self" and "I am much more consistent with my choices ...happy to say that I lost 10 pounds!"

The Investment 

The thousands of dollars I invested in educating myself is money you won't have to spend because all of the information has been incorporated into The Academy. I am thrilled to share everything with you so you can take charge of your vitality without having to spend the same amount of time or money.

1:1 Coaching

I do this too, of course! Whether taking a career to the next level, building a brand new business, improving health and well-being, or making a life-long dream come true, in a series of private sessions we will work together to massively change your life. 

Boost Your Income & Your Life Skills

You will see immediate and impactful results as we create a strong foundation. Through my unique coaching method, you will overcome personal blocks and obstacles to easily and effortlessly create the life you were born to live.

It's Your Choice

Whether you chose 1:1 coaching or The Academy, this will be a journey that we take together. You'll have good days and you'll have bad ones, but I encourage you to NEVER GIVE UP. Go at your own pace. Take a break if you need to, but stay with it and commit to completing what you start.

When you work with me, you are making an important investment in yourself and I want very much for you to experience the benefits of what I'm offering - to live a happier, healthier, more vibrant life! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email [email protected], or book a FREE consultation.



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