Why Are You Here On The Planet Right Now?

coaching personal growth purpose Jun 11, 2017

Why Are You Here On The Planet Right Now? Finding Your Purpose In Life.

In the lead up to the wrap up of my 8-week Optimal Health and Conscious Living course, I ran a group coaching session with my coach, Amy K. Yes, coaches have coaches, and both my husband and I work with Amy, who specializes in taking people to their full potential. In fact, she really helped us realize our dream of moving to New York City.

The goal of this particular session was to bring all of the women enrolled in my program together to look at their desired outcomes. These goals were set at the beginning of the course and, after taking in weeks of content dealing with everything from food sensitivities to adrenal health to sexual health to meditation and mindfulness, it was time to look at how could they best incorporate all this valuable information into their everyday lives.


Whatever it is in life – a coach or course that we expect to transform us; the new gym membership - we can get so caught up in the doing that we forget why we were drawn to make change in the first place. “Mistaking the means for the end” is, as Amy told everyone, the common error.

However, by making a commitment to remember to live the values related to who you want to be, will get you back on the right track.

What are the key questions you ask your clients to help them find their purpose?

Amy starts with Why are you here on this planet?

“Sounds corny, but putting your hand on your heart and asking this question takes a person out of their head and into their heart, then they can start to form their core values.”

Exercise # 1 / Visualization

Close your eyes and imagine the kind of person do you want to be? What does the best version of yourself look like; sound like; what are the images that run through your mind? How are you interacting with other people? Notice what you are doing alone… and what you are not doing.

Notice how this best version feels.

This is where your bottom line starts to bubble up. Once you are clear on the reasons you are investing in, or taking time out for, yourself, ask: 

What fills you up? Makes you feel most alive?

Where are you getting the love, the validation, the you-are-important vibes.

You will realize where you are looking for things outside of yourself. The food, the fancy cup of coffee, the perfect house and popular friends.

We talked about procrastination and self-sabotage.

Amy’s answer: Wherever you are at in your journey, what is holding you back? What is that inner-critic saying and where do you stumble?

When that ‘who do you think you are’ syndrome strikes, take a deep breath and place your hand over your belly button (this is your third chakra and where your power energy resides) and ask: Who do you think you are?

Connect into your purpose. Power comes from not trying to justify your worth with your resume or accomplishments, it’s whether you can stand behind the life you really want.

Tap into that power and feel your self grow bigger and stronger. 


Create a statement that aligns with your purpose and use it when the doubt creeps in. This will remind you of the why. Frame it, and put it up on a wall where you can see it every day.


Amy asked everyone, What are the actions you have taken during this course that have made a difference?

Even as simple as drinking more water, is a small right action that can lead to the breakthrough. From that first step, goals start to become clearer and closer.


Do you have someone in your life that is really supporting your goals? Keep in mind that a life partner, or a best friend, may not necessarily be that person. Finding an accountability partner, or at least a community of like-minds, is so key. We can’t do it alone.


Self-care is so important. Without that, everything you are striving to achieve is pointless. The following action items and questions will help you get on the good foot.

Make your gratitude list every day.

Make a list of non-negotiables.

What are you not going to stress over any longer?

What are the things you are going to start doing that create space and self-care?

What is underneath your Type-A task list? What are the underlying goals of each item?

Don’t beat yourself up if you get off track.

Negative self-talk can be overwhelming. When those negative thoughts come through, take three deep breaths and settle your mind. Your whole brain chemistry changes.

It all starts with self-awareness that leads to self-care that leads to self-growth. You can’t grow without the awareness and care.

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Amy K is just one of the experts involved in my Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy. Find out more on this transformational 8-week online program here.

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