Why Do We Set Goals?

coaching entrepreneurship expert advice goal setting goals manifesting optimal lifestyle purpose Dec 15, 2021

Do you set goals for yourself?

I do!

I love setting goals AND I believe it's my responsibility as a Success Coach to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Why? Because it's essentially what I help my clients do.

They have a problem… I have a solution… and I support them in achieving whatever it is they are working towards.
As I work towards achieving my own goals, I'm required to step outside my comfort zone and invest the energy and time that's necessary to achieve my desired outcomes. 

When I build my own goal achieving muscles - I'm better equipped to help my clients accomplish their dreams.
I was thinking about this from the perspective of a coach –  it’s important for me to set goals because that’s what I help my clients do. But then I realized it's also important for ALL health and wellness entrepreneurs because they're helping their clients reach desired outcomes as well.
It doesn't really matter if you're a coach or not - I feel it's important for all entrepreneurs to work at setting goals and then creating a plan to achieve them.
So, what is a goal? It's sort of arbitrary isn't it? It's something we make up.

I looked up the definition of a goal and what I found was this: "A goal is the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. It’s the end, to which effort is directed".
The job of a goal is essentially to create a container for your growth and evolution as an entrepreneur. The job of a goal is to give you an end point to direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Its job is NOT to get you excited and motivated.

Wait! What?!?

That's right. It's YOUR job to get excited and motivated about your goals. It’s YOUR Job to decide why they are something you are stoked to pursue.
Your brains will underestimate how much time, effort, energy, and practice it will take to accomplish your goals... which can leave you feeling frustrated and fed up.
If you're currently working towards generating 100K in your business, the momentum of working towards your first 6-figures takes a lot of energy... and you don’t really understand how much time, effort, energy, practice, failures until you’re in it.

So what I'd like to offer is that it's not accomplishing the goal that is most important - it's the lessons learned, the failures, the successes, the knowledge, and the skills acquired along the way to achieving your goals that will make you an unstoppable entrepreneur.

And to help you stay motivated and excited about the journey to achieving your goals... always remember your WHY. Why are you working towards achieving this goal in the first place? Who are you serving by accomplishing this goal? Who will you become on the journey to achieve it?

Don't know where to start? Here's a simple exercise...

#1. Write down what you want to accomplish by Dec 31, 2022.

#2. Then write down what you'll need to accomplish by June 30, 2022 to achieve your end of the year goals.

#3. After that, write down what you'll need to accomplish by March 31, 2022 to achieve those goals.

As you work towards achieving your goals you are essentially creating a track record of your accomplishments - therefore you will become more aware of how much time, energy & knowledge is actually needed each time you set new goals for yourself and in turn you will become more EFFECTIVE at accomplishing your goals.

Do you see how that works?

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