2022 Word of The Year Goal Setting Process

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Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to 2022!

Cheers to a brand new year. A clean slate full of possibilities.

It doesn’t matter what happened last year… it doesn’t matter what happened over the past 3 years… you have a brand new year ahead to create, and grow, and have new experiences, new successes, new failures, and new achievements.

You have the power to truly make this year absolutely incredible. 

I want to share something with you that will set you up for the year ahead in a great way.

Since 2018, every year I choose a Word of the Year.

AND every year I set goals for myself. I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember. 


I look at all the things that I want to achieve personally and professionally, and then my plan is to look over those goals regularly as I navigate the year ahead. Ideally every single week!

Setting goals is very important to me, but so is following up on what I set out for myself at the beginning of the year. That's usually the hard part.

How many of you are guilty of setting goals for yourself (both professional and personal), and then 12 months goes by and you barely revisited your goals? You didn't make them a priority.

Some of you might look back at last years goals and think, “hmmmm I don’t even remember setting half of those goals".

I’ve done that too - so many times!

So last year I created a fun new exercise that incorporates my Word of the Year into my goal setting process to keep me on track... to make the process more fun... and to accomplish more of them.

Your Word of the Year is going to help you reach the goals you've set for yourself for 2022.


The reason I incorporated the Word of the Year into my goal setting process was because, for me, the word of the year represents an energy I want to infuse in many areas of my life during the year ahead - it helps to give me a focal point for the year. 

I’ve always set goals for myself, and for the past 5 years I’ve chosen a word of the year as well... But they were always created separately from each other. They were never consciously correlated. 

So last year at this time I thought to myself that if I have a Word of the Year, and goals that I want to accomplish within that same year... then the two should be connected. 

So I came up with the idea that they should be done TOGETHER and created a process to do just that. 

It just makes sense that the word you want to focus on for the year should be intimately connected with your goals in order to create the results that you’re looking for.


This is something I incorporated into my goal setting practice last year and I was so excited about it, I introduced it to my Mastermind group of wellness entrepreneurs. They loved the process as well and experienced great success with it in 2021.

Because of its proven track record, I decided to offer the training and the workbook for free to anyone who wants to make 2022 their best year in business!

Have you chosen a word for 2022 yet?

Have you set your goals?

It’s ok if you have - and it’s ok if you haven’t.

If you haven’t then sign up for my free 5-step process below. There's a workbook and a training video where you'll get a sneak peak inside my Mastermind for Wellness Entrepreneurs.

If you have set your goals and/or have a Word of the Year - you can still sign up to the free training as it will only enhance the work you've done already by increasing your chances of massive achievement.


Sign up to the free training HERE.

Together we can set up a foundation for achievement and success!

See you in the training.

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