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Are you an entrepreneur in the health & wellness industry who wants to generate more consistent income in your business? 

Learn the 5 simple steps to achieving your business goals in this FREE video training using your Word of the Year.

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There is a LOT of misinformation on how to grow your biz, serve more people, and make more money.


How do you ensure you're setting effective goals that will move the needle on your business?

How can your guarantee you'll stay focused and on track? 


Most people fail to achieve their goals because:

  • They're not specific enough
  • They don't prioritize them
  • They don't revisit them OFTEN
  • They don't know their WHY
  • They don't integrate the power of having a Word For The Year


This 5-step strategy incorporates all of the above - PLUS A SPECIAL VIDEO TRAINING!

By incorporating your word of the year through this innovative goal setting process - you're setting up a foundation of achievement & SUCCESS.

What if building your wellness business could be simplified?

You have the ability to master the process of attracting more clients so you can make more money.



  • 5 easy steps to not only setting your goals... but ACHIEVING them.
  • How to incorporate the energy & essence of using a word of the year to FUEL your goals.
  • To get specific on exactly what you want to create for yourself and WHY!
  • To create direction for yourself AFTER you've created the vision.
  • How all of this sets you up to consistently make $2k, $3k, or even $5k per month.
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It's time to make more money!

I'm Kelsey Matheson and I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I've built 7-figure business and I've built businesses that were total flops... and everything in between.

Now I help other female wellness entrepreneurs grow their businesses, serve more people, and make more money!

I've learned what works... I've learned what doesn't... and I started my coaching business to help more women become UNSTOPPABLE entrepreneurs. 

I want to teach you this fun & simple strategy of creating your goals by infusing your word for the year, so that YOU can achieve more by the end of this year than you ever have before.

So that you gain clarity on exactly what you want and HOW to get there.

So that you enhance ALL areas of your life - not only your business.

What has gotten you here, won't get you there... let's look at the next year from a completely NEW perspective.


It's time to go from "It's not possible" to "I'M UNSTOPPABLE!"

Gain instant access to my proven strategy and training to make this year the most productive and ABUNDANT that you've ever had!

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