What Does Success Mean To You?

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Many people are chasing success. You want a successful business... a successful relationship... to be a successful mom... have a successful life!

We all have our own ideas of what success looks like.

Some people may think that having a successful relationship should look a certain way, or be for a certain length of time, or there has to be a certain level of commitment.

Some people may think that their business will be a "success" when they start making X amount of money... or when they're featured in Forbes... or when they are walking in the airport and see some random person wearing one of their products.

When I was building BE Outfitter - the backpack company that my partners and I sold last year - one of my business partners used to say, "the day I see some random person walking through the airport with one of our packs, that will be a symbol of success for me".

Here's the thing (and this is great news) YOU are the only person who can define success for yourself... YOU are the only person who can measure success. And here's the best news of all...



Success begets success - so look at all the evidence of your success that currently exists.

Don't miss the opportunity for growth, excitement, enjoyment, transformation, and happiness because you think that when you reach that predetermined achievement that defines "success", it will bring you excitement, enjoyment and happiness.

Do you see that?

We think being skinny and losing weight will make us happy.
We think making a million dollars will make us happy.
We think finding the partner of our dreams will make us happy.
We think our kid getting into a certain school or getting certain grades will make us happy! (no pressure kids!)

The truth is, I see so many entrepreneurs sacrifice happiness in order to be successful because they THINK the achievement they're working towards will create happiness and joy in their lives once they've achieved it.

At the core, that is just not true!

There are many people who by society's standards are successful and they are miserable. And there are people who you may observe and think that they are not very successful, but they're incredibly happy!

Success and the feelings associated with that success is entirely in your control. 

You are successful right now - the only reason you're not feeling successful at this moment is because of the THOUGHTS you are having about what success means or looks like. 

People say all the time - if I had more money I'd be happier. If I was 20 pounds lighter I'd be happier. If I could find my soulmate I'd be happier. If my business doubled its profit margin I'd be happier.

That actually might be true... but NOT being 20 pounds lighter, or NOT having your soulmate, or NOT doubling your profit margin is NOT the cause of you being unhappy.

Let that sink in.


You've undoubtedly heard the phrase, "in the pursuit of happiness". 

Society is so driven to be successful, because once we're successful we think we'll be a lot happier! Happiness and success are the end game!

But cultivating happiness comes from how you THINK about your life or your circumstance right now. Happiness is an emotion created by your thoughts.

Dale Carnegie said, "Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get". 

Psychology Today reported that as a society we are richer and healthier than we were 60 years ago, but we are considerably less happy.

Don't let an idealized vision of your future, strip you from your happiness in the present.

You can choose to see all the successes in your life right now.

You can choose to be happy in your imperfectly perfect life right now.

Success begets success.

Happiness begets happiness.

You can be both, and you can be both RIGHT NOW!

Here's to success, happiness, and massive growth!

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