5 Tips for Being A Great Wife

relationships wellness Oct 09, 2017

Now don’t get all defensive and think this is about “a woman knowing her place” … I’m well aware we’ve come a long way since the 50s. This post is really about strategies that ensure you, as a wife and partner, are happy first. I’ve learned that without baseline joy and contentment, there’s no way a woman can bring herself fully into a relationship.

So, how to be a great wife? Here are 5 ways to know greatness…

#1. Dive into the Self-Care

That may seem counter intuitive when we're talking about relationships, but it's so important that a woman take some time for herself, or she won't be able to truly be present for her partner. Book yourself a massage, enjoy a bubble bath with a glass of wine (or champagne if you’re fancy), go to your local Zumba class - whatever works for you. Once you've showered yourself with a bit of love, you will be in a far better position to shower your loved ones with it as well.

#2. When your partner has something they want to talk about, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE

It's so disrespectful to be checking your phone while someone is trying to talk to you. Give your partner your full attention. Even if it’s five minutes, they will feel the difference it makes and will automatically feel more connected and more appreciated. With your undivided attention then you may even learn something new about your partner.


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#3. Wake up every morning and choose one thing you will do that day to make your partner feel loved and special

It could be writing them a little note that they'll find in their car; surprising them with their favorite meal, or cocktail, after work (Mad Men style); or sending a text just to say how much you appreciate them. They could be little things, or larger gestures, but feeling that gratitude and appreciation for them being in your life, and then taking aligned action, has a win:win effect. Good vibes all around, baby!

#4. Plan a dance party for the two of you (include the kids if you like), crank up your favorite tunes and shake what your mama gave you

Dancing releases endorphins, reduces anxiety, and will also hotwire a connection to your partner. In my own home, family dance parties are incredibly fun and beneficial… try one in your living room tonight! 

 #5. Schedule one night of the week without electronics

Maybe it's after the kids go to sleep, but instead of automatically turning on Netflix, plan a night where the tv, tablets and the phones are all turned off and then take it from there. You may want to cook together, snuggle up under a blanket and read to each other, or perhaps have a bath together. The only rule is electronics are not allowed. 

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