Confidence vs Self-Confidence: What's The Difference?

coaching entrepreneurship expert advice life coaching personal growth success woman entrepreneur Oct 15, 2021

Recently I've been obsessed with the differences between confidence and self-confidence.

With confidence, you look to your past experiences for evidence that you can do something and do it well.

I feel very confident brushing my teeth, pouring a glass of water, driving a car, or riding a horse because I have done those things many times before. I have a lot of evidence that supports feeling confident in those areas.


Confidence is supported by experience and external evidence.

Self-confidence, on the other hand, is INTERNAL. It’s based on the belief you have about yourself. Self-confidence is an emotion that you generate without any history to back it up or external evidence.

Self-confidence is about the belief and trust you have in yourself.


So why does this matter?

Because having a strong belief about yourself and your abilities without evidence to back it up will get you closer to achieving your goals. It will propel you forward as you build your business and continue to create the life you want for yourself.

When we’re operating from a place of self-confidence we’re open to trying new things… we’re more willing to step outside our comfort zone.

Self-confidence is the emotion of growth.


Where are you in terms of your own self-confidence?

What do you believe about YOU and your ability, regardless of the skills or experience you have?

When the Doubt Demons are all up in our head telling us we can’t do something, we’re not good enough, smart enough, or skilled enough... if we rely on confidence to get us through, we'll stay stuck.

Generating the emotion of self-confidence starts with the beliefs we have about ourselves... so what are you thinking about YOU?

Remember our thoughts generate our emotions - so what do you need to think about yourself in order to generate a feeling of self-confidence?

Here’s a little secret if you want to increase your self-confidence.... Fail more! Failure is an opportunity to increase your self-confidence. I talk a lot about failure with my clients - but thinking about failure as an opportunity to increase our self-confidence is something that really excites me.

Did I mention I've been obsessed by this topic?!

So what do you want for your business? Go after it. Fail. Believe in yourself every step of the way. Your self-confidence will soar.

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