It’s Time To Get My Groove Back!

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Have you heard of the 4 Sacred Seasons?

I learned about them from Dr John Amaral, who studied with and was mentored by Dr Donny Epstein.

The 4 Sacred Seasons are Discover, Transform, Awaken & Integrate.

When you’re in the season of Discover, shit is hitting the fan so-to-speak. Life has thrown you a curve ball and you’re being asked to discover something about yourself that you’ve been avoiding, suppressing, numbing, resisting… all the things we do as humans to evade the stuff in our lives we need to take a closer look at, acknowledge and accept about ourselves or our situation.

Transform is the season when you are full of energy and you take massive action! It’s actually more painful for you to NOT take action in this season. You see the future… the future is now… you set goals and work towards achieving them. You feel invigorated, motivated and excited about what you’re creating so there’s a lot of momentum and action.

Awaken is the season of just being. There’s no need to discover anything in this season… there’s no need to take action… it’s about “being” and knowing there is something bigger than yourself. This is a season of surrender. In Awaken you know that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you. You understand that there are Universal forces involved in everything, you feel a sense of oneness, and experience pure gratitude.

Integrate is the ability to merge the season of Awaken with Discover or Transform.

Over the past 4 years I’ve been working… and efforting… and taking massive action… and trying this game plan… and incorporating that system… and implementing this strategy… and focusing on that approach… as one would do in the season of Transform. 

But guess what!?!

I wasn’t in the season of Transform.

I was in the season of Discover! 

Do you know how I know? Because things weren’t working out. I kept hitting a brick wall. I was spinning my wheels. My situation kept getting worse, and worse, and worse, and worse.

I also know I wasn't in alignment with my season because I was so stressed out. Everything seemed fine on the surface but I was having panic attacks at 3am and it was a rare occasion that I actually felt any joy or happiness. For those who know me - that's not like me! I had a difficult time relaxing and I felt in order to get to where I needed to be – I needed to work HARDER!

If it’s not working, work MORE… work LONGER… work HARDER until it works. But guess what!?! No matter what I did, it still wouldn’t work.

When life throws you a curve ball and you feel like you’re suffering, you’re in the season of Discovery.

If you’re in the season of Discovery but you’re NOT discovering…. then you will continue to suffer.

If you’re in the season of Discovery but you keep taking action (Transform), or you hide in “being” (Awaken) – you will continue to suffer. And vice versa.

You need to be in sync with the season you are actually in or you will continue to experience pain.

It’s taken me a long time to learn that I need to stop taking action and start my journey of discovery. So what does that mean exactly?

I need to ask myself:

  • What have I been avoiding by doing all of this efforting?
  • What are the fears that I’ve been trying to numb out?
  • What area of my life do I really need to look at right now?
  • What are my limiting stories/beliefs that are playing out?

I’m in the process of taking some things off my plate, which is terrifying because some of those things make me a bit of income. Not much mind you, but during these difficult times I was fearful to step away even from a little bit of money.

As scary as it is, I feel this deep trust that things will work out because I’m finally looking at things differently. By shifting my own energy and being more in sync with the season of Discovery, maybe that will allow my husband to start booking more work… maybe we’ll sell some of the property we have for sale in Costa Rica… maybe some unexpected income will flow into our field… maybe the Universe will provide us with new opportunities that feel more in alignment. 

I’m not really sure. For now, I will continue to meditate daily and ask for messages of what I need to focus my energy on. I will continue to discover what needs to be unveiled so I’m in flow with the season I’m currently in. I will continue to remind myself that:

The Universe has my back.

I am exactly where I need to be.

What got me here, won’t get me there.

I’m paying attention now. I’ve been irritated, annoyed, unhappy, stressed and lost my mojo for too long now! It’s time to get my groove back.


One of the meditations I go back to regularly is a healing meditation. I used to do it to help me achieve my goals... now I do it to help me see what I've been missing. If you'd like your own free copy, click HERE - it's a gift from me to you.

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