A New Way To Look At Success By Honoring My Integrity

lifestyle change optimal lifestyle personal growth stress management wellbeing Oct 20, 2020

I’m tired of feeling like nothing is working.

I’m tired of being sad.

I’m tired of working so fucking hard.

Recently I’ve taken a few things off my plate and will continue to over the next few months. I've sold one of my businesses... I stopped running my Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs... I've opened up my schedule... I've put a pause on 1:1 coaching... and there will be more changes in the upcoming months.

My focus now will be to wake up every morning, meditate, tune into what I really need to be focusing on… and do THAT.

I will do the thing that I’m guided to do during my morning meditation and journaling practice.

If I receive a message during my meditation that says I need to focus on spending more time with my daughter… I’ll organize my time around THAT.

If I’m guided to write a blog post that day… I’ll do that.

If I get a message that I need to reach out to a specific friend or family member… I’ll call or text them.

If I’m told to paint my nails purple… guess what? I’m planning a spa day and purple nail polish will be involved.

It’s time to shift my energy. I’ve always tried to honor my integrity in everything I do, and lately I’m feeling that I’ve been compromising my ideals. It haven’t always felt that way… I've been an Entrepreneur for over 20 years, and for the past 11 years I’ve been working my ass off at building multiple businesses, traveling around the world, and viewing “success” through a very specific lens. I had so much fun and truly loved every minute of it... until I didn’t. Lately, I’ve hit a wall. The growth I had been experiencing came to a very sudden halt and I’ve found myself miserable and stuck in a hamster wheel.

Moving forward honoring my integrity will look different. What got me here – won’t get me there. And what the hell does “there” look like anyway? I’m not sure… but I can’t continue efforting on this damn hamster wheel.

This new version of honoring my integrity will lead me to something more harmonious… to new choices and situations that are guided by my higher self.

It’s important for me to feel GOOD about what I’m doing and to act upon my values. I know this will be challenging because my impulse will be to fall back on old habits and do what I’ve always done because it's what I'm used to. It's comfortable. It worked for a really long time. But I know it’s no longer working and hasn’t for some time.

I’ve always followed my gut instincts and inner wisdom, and this new experiment and strange as it may sound will allow me to look at success through a very different filter, and experience what’s important to me in a new way.

Maybe a book idea will come out of it. Maybe I'll create new programs or offering from this experience... or maybe I won't. All I know for sure is that I will wake up every single morning and meditate in order to properly listen to what needs to be taken care of and needs my attention for that day.

So weird, right?! That's ok... I like weird. 

Meditation has been one of my magic go-to tools for many years now. It's been so helpful to me in the past that I created a 30-Day Meditation Series For Success that supported me and many of my clients achieve a lot of success (by most people's standards), so it will be interesting to see what comes out of experiencing this shift in my energy and focus, and adopt this new approach of living my life.

I'll keep you posted!

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