What Does It Mean To Manifest?

coaching goals manifesting purpose Aug 10, 2017

What Does It Mean To Manifest?  

Manifest. How huge is this buzzword? No doubt you have heard it thrown around a lot. Regardless of its trendiness, I really believe in the power of manifesting and I’m going to tell you why.

Before I go into my own personal story, I’m going to share some conversations I had recently.

Not long ago, over brunch, my friend was telling me that she really believes in the power of manifestation, but her boyfriend doesn’t.

She’s a young writer, and one of her high level goals is to write for the New York Times. It’s a lofty goal, and not an easy thing to achieve, especially being Canadian. So when her boyfriend was in New York for work, she asked him to bring her home a copy of the newspaper so she could display it in her house and have it act as a symbol to help her make her dream come true.

The power of focus and manifesting

She was a bit shy in telling me all this because she didn’t know how I would react, but I explained to her that I deeply believe in the power of focus and manifesting. Then I told her that, when my husband and I were planning on applying for our green cards and relocating to New York City, we actually created a little alter of sorts in our bedroom. It included a New Yorker magazine, a little yellow cab toy, a figurine of the Statue of Liberty, and anything else that helped us to support and infuse our thoughts with positive energy around moving to NYC.

Last summer that dream became a reality when we moved into our new home in Brooklyn.

My friend was bolstered by this powerful alignment and said she would continue to focus her energy on her big goal, despite whether her partner believed or not.

Wouldn’t you know it, just last week she found out that her application was accepted and she will be writing for The New York Times!

Another conversation… The day after that brunch with my friend, I was on a phone call with another friend of mine who happened to mention that she manifested the exact client she was looking for. She said she had written out all the details about the type of client she was seeking to work with. She wrote it all down in her journal and was very specific.

A short time after, she was in a café and happened to meet a woman who was interested in her business. As they got talking, my friend realized that this woman perfectly fit her ideal client description!

When thoughts materialize in the real world, this is manifestation.

I didn’t always believe this, but it has happened in my life over and over again. I can’t deny the power of setting an intention and trusting that the universe will have my back on it.

It’s powerful to think that we are responsible in some way for creating our world and our reality.

Rewind to my 20s, and I knew I would move to New York one day. I’m not American, nor did I have any credibility or connections at that time to be able to get a visa. Again, I just knew it was something I wanted.

Then my husband and I got serious about it a few years ago. We created the aforementioned New York alter and worked with a Life Coach to help us through the process (which was a big deal for both of us). Now I’m living in one of the greatest cities in the world with my family.

I’ve manifested amounts of money I’ve needed. I’ve manifested meeting certain people in my life. I’ve manifested homes I’ve wanted to live in. I’ve manifested experiences I’ve wanted to have.

And sometimes things evolve in ways you don’t expect.

Recently I’ve been asked how and why I got into coaching, and truthfully it’s not something I ever set out to do. I never saw myself as a life coach, or a career coach, or a health coach. But similarly to becoming an entrepreneur, it manifested for me in a way that felt seamless and natural, and made complete sense to me.

After the people around me recognized that I was building businesses, and creating the life that I wanted, they started coming to me for advice and I did that for YEARS! I advised my friends on all sorts of things from relationships, to career advice, to manifesting what they wanted out of life.

Once I recognized this (during a breakthrough session with my own coach), I spent some time training to enhance this skill and the tools that I use. Today I’ve landed on an amazing career path.

Life-Coaching people, turning their dreams into reality!

Now I have the privilege of coaching people to live their best lives AND I LOVE IT! It is so inspiring to see the people I work with create their lives on their terms, and work with them to live more consciously and turn their dreams into a reality.

If you’re familiar with the power of manifestation then you know it comes with an equal amount of energy being focused on gratitude. It’s a crucial part of the law of attraction. Being grateful for all that you have raises your frequency, allowing you to harmonize with the energy of what it is you desire.

Gratitude creates abundance. Complaining creates lack.

Have you ever manifested something in your life? I invite you to look around you right now — how much of what you see is the product of your own desires and decisions?

My personal mantra is Dream Great Dreams Then Make Them Come True and with that comes a mission to empower women through both private and group coaching. Click here to find out more.

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