Retreats Are Making a Booming Comeback!

business coaching business growth female entrepreneur Sep 16, 2022

I'm sure it wouldn't come as a shock if I told you that I am incredibly passionate about entrepreneurs hosting their own retreats.

Well, it's true. Especially now!

Retreats are making a booming comeback and hosting one yourself could be a great next step in growing your business.

We're all sick of Zoom calls... we're eager to TRULY connect with like-minded humans... and as entrepreneurs we want to add value, serve our audience at the highest level, and make more money.

You can 100% do all of that through hosting your own retreat.

Now, you might think, "Ummmm Kelsey, aren't you a little biased seeing as you own a RETREAT CENTER!!"

Haha! Maybe... but hosting your own retreat doesn't necessary need to entail traveling to Costa Rica.

Just hear me out...

Are you a yoga teacher?
A coach?
Do you already run a Mastermind?
Are you a fitness or health expert?
Perhaps you offer courses or programs for a specialized niche.
Have you written a book or have a podcast?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you can host a retreat and serve your audience in a very unique way that will provide them with an amazing experience... especially right now.

Mini or Micro Retreat: Host a retreat that takes place just over an afternoon or a day. The perfect amount of time to connect with the group, offer a ton of value, have a fun experience, and generate interest for your "bigger" offer or future retreat. It's a great way to build that know, like and trust factor for an audience that may not know you that well. Typically a mini or micro retreat is not a big financial investment, so it's the perfect 'first retreat" for newer members of your audience.

Weekend Retreat: Plan the perfect retreat over a weekend with your group who is eager to learn, up level, explore, and connect. Collaborate with other speakers or practitioners to help you expand your audience, and create a really powerful and beautiful weekend escape. This could be 2 - 3 days in a more local environment so there is some travel involved (maybe outside of the city) but doesn't necessarily require a flight to get there.

Weekly Retreat: This is where next level transformation happens. Five to seven days where you dive in deep! Traditionally these retreats are hosted somewhere tropical or romantical, and feel like a retreat vacation. It might be in Italy, Bali, Morocco, or Costa Rica - but that's not necessary. The bottom line is that you bring a group of people together to have a once-in-a-lifetime, transformational experience and provide them with a crazy amount of VALUE!

Hosting your own retreat is a powerful opportunity for you to support your group in getting incredibly focused... hold space for like-minded people to connect... deliver materials, trainings, offerings, experiences and classes they just can't get over Zoom... and create raving fans! 

The retreat experience can be an absolute game changer in terms of how you serve your audience, but also in the amount of money your business generates.

In person, face to face connection is important and it's something we're all craving. Maybe it's time for you to organize a retreat for your business.

Need help? Let me know.

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