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 Does creating content for your business feel like doing homework?


Do you dread it?  Do you hate feeling salesy?


Do you say I HATE social media, and then dread having to create content because you feel you have to?


That’s what wellness entrepreneurs do, right? We go on Facebook or Instagram and try to reach our audience. Some of us are on TikTok now. Some of us have Pinterest accounts or YouTube channels.


We feel that it's a part of our job description as an entrepreneur and if we want to reach our audience, we've got to show up on social and bring the goods!


Does that sound about right?


Well, here’s the thing. You don’t have to use social media to grow your business


Two of my very good friends are entrepreneurs and they rarely use social media and have a THRIVING coaching practice. 


But for those of you who use it as a tool for lead generation, and feel like it’s HARD to create content all the time, I’d like to offer a thought. 


It’s not a fact that creating content is hard - it’s a thought that your brain is VERY attached to thinking that it’s a fact.


I get it! I’m right there with you!


So let’s discuss this…


Lack of enthusiasm for creating content is never going to serve you, but let’s be honest… we know that we’re not going to be enthusiastic about it all the time, so what do we do?


Well - I have a solution. It’s something I created after hearing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs complain about content creation.


If you're not passionate about the topic you're writing about, it can feel like a chore. When you're not excited about the content, it's hard to get motivated to create it.


Most people complain about there being a Lack of time: Running a business can be time-consuming, and creating content can take a lot of time and effort. When you're busy with other tasks, creating content can feel like an added burden.


And if you are a new entrepreneur, if you’re new to this then you may lack some of the skills or knowledge that a more experienced entrepreneur has. Creating content can be challenging if you're not confident in your writing or creative abilities. This can make creating content feel daunting and overwhelming.


And sometimes there’s a Pressure to perform: When creating content for your business, there may be pressure to produce high-quality content that engages your audience and drives results. This pressure can make the task feel like a high-stakes assignment, similar to homework - like you need to be putting out A+ work all the time for it to reach your audience. That is just not the case.


To overcome these challenges, it's important to find ways to make content creation more enjoyable and manageable. 


And yes, this might involve finding topics that you're passionate about, and dedicating specific times during the week for content creation, and you’ll naturally improve your skills through practice… 

AND there’s an easier way. There’s a way to set yourself up for success.


Here’s the thing - As an entrepreneur, it is essential to communicate regularly with your audience. 


It's essential for building relationships. Regular communication helps you build a relationship with your audience. By keeping them updated on you and your business you can establish that very important  trust factor with your audience… and that leads to increased lead generation, customer loyalty and engagement.


When you put out content you are increasing your brand awareness or the exposure of your business: Regular communication keeps your business on the top of your audiences’ mind. This is important for both attracting new customers and keeping existing ones engaged. By staying in front of your audience, you can help ensure that they think of your business first when they need your products or services.


It’s also a great way to Provide Value. Consistent communication allows you to provide value to your audience. Remember Value = Wealth. By sharing industry news, helpful tips, or other relevant content, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and demonstrate your expertise to your audience.


You can also Receive valuable Feedback through engaging with your audience through your content.  


Communication in general allows you to receive feedback from your audience, but typically we’re not talking to large numbers of people in person regularly. But we can show up regularly online, so by asking for feedback or engaging in two-way conversations, you can gain insights into what your audience likes, dislikes, and wants from you and your business. This feedback can provide you with so much data - and if you listen really closely, it can help you serve your audience better.


And I want you to read this very carefully.


Creating content regularly will help you to Drive Sales!


This is a business, not a hobby.


Regular communication and engagement can help drive sales. By keeping your audience informed about new products or services, special promotions, and other offers, by providing them with a ton of value - they will be more likely to buy from you.


Creating content for your audience is essential for building relationships, increasing brand awareness, providing value, receiving feedback, and driving sales.


Think of it this way - it’s like nurturing a plant. Just like a plant needs regular watering and attention to grow and thrive, your relationship with your audience requires consistent communication to flourish. Without regular communication, your audience may wither away, lose interest in your business, and turn to someone else to get what they need. 


But when you tend to your audience with care and attention, providing them with relevant and useful information, responding to their feedback, and engaging with them on a regular basis, you can help your relationship with them bloom and grow into something beautiful and fruitful.


The opposite of something feeling like a chore is something feeling enjoyable or fulfilling. When you find pleasure and satisfaction in doing something, it no longer feels like a burden or obligation, but rather a source of pleasure and meaning. 


Instead of feeling like you have to do it… you feel you WANT to do it because it brings you joy or a sense of accomplishment. Because it’s helping your audience change their life. Because it’s helping you build your business and make money.


I know that for me when I first started, creating content was a challenge.


I didn’t think anyone wanted to hear what I had to say. It didn’t look like anyone was even really paying attention. I thought what the heck is the point?


But I was told to stay consistent, that you never know who or when your content will land with someone. You never know when that one person comes across it and it’s EXACTLY what they need to see, read or hear at that very moment. You never know.


So I stuck with it… and you know what? It works.


I came up with a structure where I talk about me and what I do and who I help and how I help them.


And then I educate my audience as well.


And then I talk about them and their pain, and what they’re struggling with.


And then I drive my audience to a very specific call to action.


Now this isn’t done all on the same day. And I also do it in a way that feels authentic and not salesy or pushy or gross. 


I have a structure I created and now I’m offering it to you for free.


I created a no- brainer content creator. And the idea isn’t that it’s a content creator for dummies like that brand of books… the idea is that I don’t want you to stress about this any longer. I don’t want you to use up all your brain power on what to post… what to say.. How to say it.. What do I do now.. How do I do it.


I’ve created a free 30 day content creator to help you generate a proper lead generation system… to position yourself as an authority… to nurture the audience you already have… to write about what you love and create content on topics you're passionate about - and also to give you some structure so on the days when you don’t feel creative and maybe a little lost - I got your back.


Here’s the thing - this is not just a pdf with prompt. 


There’s a video with every day of content to help guide you through the process and inspire you with ideas. 


Yes there are 30 days of content but do you have to create something every single day - no, not at all. If you typically post 3 times a week, the calendar will work with that. If you post every single day, the calendar will work with that. If you post once a week the calendar will work with that. 


This content calendar will help you create powerful content so you’ll become more confident as you put yourself out there, and it will make the process SO MUCH more enjoyable.

 Visit for full details.


I made this because I had so many entrepreneurs complain about creating content.


I created this to make content creation painless. 


It’s an easy to follow, 30-day framework that serves your audience, positions you as an authority, and helps you sign more clients WITHOUT feeling salesy. I think that’s key to mention because I know a lot of you struggle with that thought.


  • In my opinion it’s the best for creating content that flows, that creates a warm audience, and that converts into sales.
  •  There are videos and prompts for Topics that focus on you… your audience… educating your followers… CTA’s… and getting your offers out there for the world to see.
  •  The other cool thing about the 30 days of content, is that you can cycle through them over and over again, in a way that feels fresh, new and current (not repetitive).
  • We’re women doing our best to build our audiences… to engage with our ideal clients… to sign people up to our programs and serve them. We’re wellness entrepreneurs we want to help people transform their lives.
  • So I want you to Say BYEEEEEEE to the stress of trying to create “perfect” content - because that will only keep you stuck. That wont serve you… that won’t serve your audience. 
  • Check out the show notes, sign up to the calendar and let me know how it goes.
  • Remember that lead generation is a long term game, but this will help you infuse structure and a plan so you can start generating more income sooner rather than later.


So your question for this week is this: Do I have a solid lead generation system implemented into how I create my content?


Your answer might be yes… your answer might be no. There’s no right or wrong answer. Asking ourselves to reflect on this can give us some important information and insight. So just get curious and ask yourself:


Do I have a solid lead generation system implemented into how I create my content?


If you know another woman entrepreneur who could use some additional support please share this post with them - I feel it’s important to support each other as best as we can if we want more women leaders on this planet.


I look forward to connecting with you again next time.

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