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START TODAY empower and support women to step into their roles as leaders and transform their businesses. I work with my clients to become unstoppable entrepreneurs, to make more money, and improve all areas of their lives while they juggle ALL THE THINGS!

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Private Coaching

Are you ready to become UNSTOPPABLE? Are you ready to unleash your untapped potential and create a life and business you've only dreamed possible? I'm a certified LCS Coach and through my unique coaching methods, my clients overcome blocks that are holding them back, make more money, and transform their lives. If you're ready for IMPACTFUL RESULTS, book a free consultation today!



Welcome to Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs! I’m on a mission to support busy women in building massively successful businesses, while bringing awareness to the struggle of navigating ALL THE THINGS. As a Serial 7-Figure Entrepreneur and Success Coach, I will help you unleash your potential, make more money, find balance, and become unstoppable! 



Learn my 5 Keys to Building a 7-Figure Wellness Business in this free training. This Masterclass is for anyone looking to double their revenue, unlock their potential, and serve at a much higher level. The possibilities to build your business authentically and effectively are limitless. Stop the confusion, frustration and overwhelm - and get back to focusing on your WHY while you achieve your goals.


I specialize in helping purpose driven female entrepreneurs and thought leaders grow thriving businesses and uncover their blocks, without getting tripped up by the culture of busy-ness.

I understand that, as women, our focus is divided among a multitude of responsibilities. I know we have limited time to focus on our own goals, and that many of us are dealing with financial pressure.

I work with my clients to unleash their potential and start living a life they absolutely LOVE.


I know that empowering women to become unstoppable has a domino effect. In turn it will empower even more women for generations to come. I know you have a vision for your life and want to make this world a better place through your passion and influence.

You may be an entrepreneur, or thought leader, author, healer, coach…or simply understand that real change has to start from within.

I want you to know how POWERFUL you really are. You are worthy of the life you fantasize about and even more!


Meditate For Success

Whether you're building your career, or juggling life as a mompreneur, you have goals and dreams you want to pursue. In this 30-DAY SERIES, I lead you through meditations that will lead you to success FASTER by optimizing your energy and training your brain to help you achieve everything you want and more.


Meet Me On Facebook

THE POWERFUL WOMENPRENEURS is a free Facebook group dedicated to supporting, inspiring and motivating female entrepreneurs who are focused on growing their businesses while living busy lives. Join us and connect with amazing women from all around the world!


Business Masterclass

CRUSH YOUR BUSINESS GOALS and increase your revenue! In this video masterclass you will learn how to transform your business, amplify your impact, and become a master at growing your revenue. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?


"Kelsey has the expertise, experiences, connections and tools that can help even baby entrepreneurs, like myself, grow in business in a professional and purposeful way. If you need motivation and expertise when starting your business, I would highly recommend working with her!"


"It’s been fascinating to see the shifts and changes happening; including me having more confidence and assertiveness as I work through evaluating different areas of my business. Kelsey has brought a breath of much-needed fresh air into every aspect of my life when I needed it the most and I’m profoundly grateful to her."


"I’m blown away with the process and results with Kelsey’s coaching. When I met Kelsey, I knew instantly she was what I needed.  Her guidance and tools have allowed me to go above and beyond what I imagined. Kelsey has helped me put my work out there as a writer, work on inner growth and transform my money mindset."


"Kelsey's ability to listen and ask the right questions has allowed me to take my life and business to the next level. Her coaching provided me with clarity and sparked profound action that has set me up for future success."


"Kelsey is an inspiring and clear guide. Her coaching has been so helpful and important for me. I'm now running a business that not only makes a real impact on others lives, but flows beautifully with my own."


"I’m super picky about who I work with. My time is limited and I don’t want to waste my time or my money on just anything. Kelsey has helped me get & keep my business on track. She has also helped me pivot when I needed to. And the group of women in her Mastermind are truly amazing & great to be with. We hold each other up, keep each other accountable & cheer each other on. Definitely a squad worth joining."


"I feel so much better! I am much more consistent with my choices after working with Kelsey, and have had FUN focusing on my health... happy to say that I lost 10 pounds!"


It's as easy as booking your free consultation with me! In that time we will discuss your challenges and decide on the best course of action.


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