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A Transformational Online Course For Women Created By The Owner of Anamaya Resort, Kelsey Matheson

The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy 

Hello! I'm Kelsey Matheson, and if you are a woman who is exhausted, burnt out, unhappy with your body, not getting enough sleep, have no libido and feel like you're STUCK - then we were meant to connect.

If you're someone who wants MORE from life... but don't know how to get the help you need in order to feel like yourself again...

Then I want you to pay close attention to the following:

You're Capable! You Can! You're Powerful!

You may not feel that way now, and you might even think it's strange that I'm telling you that.  

But I've dedicated my life to support women who are suffering, and transform their lives so they feel better than they ever have...EVER!


The very fact that you're on this page, tells me something about you.

It tells me a few things, in fact...

✅ You want more from life. You've had enough of feeling frustrated and lost when it comes to your health, hormone balance, struggles with weight, mindset!

✅ You're tired of not knowing where to turn for help, or sick of trying EVERYTHING but nothing is really working...not the way you need. You're ready to make life work for YOU - and not the other way around. (And good on you! That's the right attitude).

✅ You want to build a healthier body and mind... because you know that when your mind, body & soul are in-sync, life flows effortlessly... there's an ease and harmony that exists (and you've been missing that desperately).

✅ And lastly, it tells me that you realize the power of community and accountability. You know you can't continue to go at this alone.

See, as a female entrepreneur and a success coach, I've found that women wanting to change their lives often feel alone.

They don't know who to turn to...

And, more importantly...

Who to turn to for help that will support their individual needs to achieve the results they desire. Many of my clients feel their own Doctors aren't supporting them in the way they need...and deep down they know there is something really wrong going on!

My own path to optimal health and conscious living took many years and tens of thousands of dollars.

I paid expensive experts, had hundreds of consultations, tried many programs, and supplements, and diets, and exercise regimes...

And let me tell you; I wouldn't wish all of that trial and error and frustration I experienced on anyone.

Which is exactly why I decided to take EVERYTHING I learned along my journey, partner with the practitioners that actually helped me get my life back, and create an 8-week online and interactive course and accountability system that helps women like YOU get the most out of life - regardless of your current situation.

It's called...

The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy


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What You Can Expect

In the video below, I share my story and why I wanted to create a safe space for women to transform their lives in a way that works for THEM. Everyone's journey to optimal health and conscious living is unique to that individual...there is NO one-size-fits-all.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that the underlying issues I'm experiencing were all addressed in these videos. Seriously, Kelsey, you're incredible for creating this. The format of this course is stunning, inviting, digestible and ultimately massively life enhancing because the material actually gets through to people like me! "

Academy Student

My own path to optimal health and conscious living took years and thousands of dollars. I have taken everything I learned and packed it into a dynamic training program. It's a system for living your best life now!

Each course component incorporates many respected doctors and specialists that I have personally worked with to achieve sustainable results.

Week One: Set Yourself Up for Success! You will set your desired outcomes and intentions for the course and get into an optimal mindset for the weeks ahead.

Week Two:  Fight Fatigue! With the help of health professionals, you will understand how thyroid dysfunction and adrenal fatigue might be keeping you down.

Week Three:  Food & You. Food sensitivities and intolerances range from mild to red hot! We take a close look to see what foods to avoid for your best health.

Week Four:  Body Boot Camp! Need I say more? This week is all about getting your fitness on. Academy pro MJ Shaw leads high intensity workouts as well as gentle morning yoga

Week Five:  Sexual Health, Body Image & Libido. OH BOY! This is everyone's favourite week of the course. Get ready to get under the sheets and get honest about the relationship you have with yourself.

Week Six:  Good Bye Stress! Meditation, more oxygen and conscious breathing are the name of the game this week. Whether you've meditated before or not, you'll love the meditation workshop with Anna Hardwick.

Week Seven:  Sleep More. You'll get into an optimal sleep routine and learn SO MUCH about what is causing your lack of zzz's! Including the power of unplugging and digital detoxing.

Week Eight:  Grace & Gratitude. The course wraps up with a whole lot of gratitude! You'll also learn how to continue to incorporate everything you've learned and stay accountable to your goals.


You'll also receive LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Respected Health Practitioners & Academy Experts, weekly 1:1 coaching calls with Kelsey, and access to the private facebook group for Academy Members only.

Start Your Transformation Today!

  • Did you know that stress and lack of sleep could be causing your body to hold on to between 5 and 10 pounds of extra weight? We'll talk about the hormones leptin (the one that tells you to stop eating) and ghrelin (the one that tells you when to eat) and how to get them back into balance.
  • Did you know it was possible to do an 8-minute workout that's more effective than an hour on the elliptical? Studies show that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), done 3x/week, is more effective than 1 hour on an elliptical because more fat is burned due to the intense exertion. But it's not just about cardio! Actually too much cardio can send your hormones totally out of balance. The Academy's fitness expert shows you how to workout your body in a way that works for YOU.
  • Did you know that most of us don't breathe properly and some of you may be holding onto extra pounds because of it!? Yoga (which we also get into in the Academy) can help open up your lungs, but there are some powerful and simple breathing exercises you can do as well that will open up your lower lungs (and stimulate our natural relaxation response), in order to deliver more oxygen to our body. When our cells have more oxygen our metabolism speeds up.
  • Did you know that an acid-forming diet will speed up the aging process? Some of the top acid-forming foods are dairy, flour, animal products, alcohol, fried foods, coffee, soft drinks and sugar. So if you’re not neutralizing your body with alkaline foods then your body will be highly acidic because the body isn’t taking in enough oxygen. Some examples of oxygen rich foods are lemons, avocados, berries, asparagus, celery, leafy greens, ginger and seaweed. 

You will gain so many more INSIGHTS and SOLUTIONS from myself, as well as from experts who have appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, In Shape Magazine, Women's Health, abc & Cosmo.

"I feel so much better! I am much more consistent with my choices after going through this program and have had fun incorporating more exercise... happy to say that I lost 10 pounds!"

Laura, Los Angeles

"It's like getting an owner's manual for my inner self. Amazing!"

Elizabeth, Toronto

The Academy is ideal for you if...

  • You suffer from low-energy and find yourself constantly exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get.
  • You just can't lose that extra weight... despite following every diet, nutrition plan, and workout program under the sun.
  • Your family doctor is no help and seems only interested in prescribing medications instead of investigating what's really going on.
  • You know something is up with your hormones but you're confused about what to do.
  • You suffer from brain fog, and are not able to really gain much clarity on how to navigate throughout your day.
  • You suffer from low sex-drive, and it's having a negative impact on your relationship.
  • You're plagued with seemingly random health issues like migraine headaches, skin irritations or IBS.
  • You're shouting... ALL OF THE ABOVE!

In other words, the Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy is designed to empower and educate you in ALL areas of your life.


By registering for the Academy you will get...

  • Expert insight into the most misdiagnosed and ignored health issues for women aged 30 – 60
  • Practical solutions that will allow you to take charge of your health
  • Weekly coaching with Kelsey
  • New content every week, including videos and worksheets
  • In-depth interviews with health and wellness experts
  • Fitness videos and guided meditations
  • A private Facebook community of Wellness Warriors

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"The first week already changed my perspective of excited to go further!"

Christiane, 37, Brooklyn

"Great suggestions. So many easy-to-implement-immediately ideas. The feeling exercise was eye opening! I didn't realize how many emotions I went through in an 8-hour period, and I discovered how easy it was to change my mood by adjusting my focus and thoughts, remembering how I felt earlier in the day and what caused those warm feelings."

Anita, 48, Vancouver

"I started the course not knowing exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I needed to change lots of things. My routine, food, emotions, health... I was not satisfied with my overall health and where my body was at. I work a lot, have a family, sometimes I don't have time to eat, or spend time for myself to get proper care and rest. The course is not only giving me answers, but tools to improve my daily routine. Easy and expert-guided routines that are incredible! Things that I would have never discovered on my own."

Ximena, 40, Costa Rica

Valued at over $10,000

All of the content, the coaching, the access to Experts, and the hours of information and trainings is valued at over $10k. But YOU PAY A FRACTION OF THAT COST - a small investment for massive benefits! You'll see and feel the results or your money back.

Your Community Is Waiting

Throughout the course, you will be part of a supportive and motivated community of Wellness Warriors. Connect, ask questions and get inspired!


I will be happy to answer! Send your query via email to [email protected]


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