The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy - Registration OPEN

I'm Kelsey Matheson and I am thrilled to offer this transformational program. In it, I have incorporated the most misdiagnosed and ignored areas of women’s health for those aged 35 – 60. 

The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy is an 8-week online program, designed to let you unleash the warrior within, and support you in achieving ANYTHING you want in life.

Week One:  Desired Outcomes & Intentions

Week Two:  Hormone Health including Thyroid Dysfunction & Adrenal Fatigue 

Week Three:  Food Sensitivities & Intolerances (they are NOT the same thing)

Week Four:  Body Boot Camp!

Week Five:  Relationships, Sexual Health & Libido

Week Six:  Meditation, Oxygen & Conscious Breathing

Week Seven:  Sleep & Digital Detox 

Week Eight:  Commitment Coaching & The Power of Gratitude


Alongside the weekly training material, you'll also - as an Academy Member - receive 1:1 Coaching Calls with Kelsey, and Live Q&A Sessions with Academy Experts!

Does unlimited energy, a positive outlook on life (and about yourself), rediscovering your libido, and feeling better than you ever have sound good to you?

Of course it does! 

Register today and GAIN IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the course material, the private facebook group, and I will reach out to you personally to congratulate you for talking this transformational step!

Please see the Terms section for details on my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

My students have saved thousands of dollars. All the information, which greatly improved my life - is being shared inside The Academy RIGHT NOW!

Using the knowledge of the following experts (and more) that I have personally worked with over the years, you will gain solutions to take charge of your health and rediscover what it means to feel vibrant.

  • Dr. Shari Caplan MD, CCFP, FCFP, FAARM - Shari has always excelled at whatever she does and is always one step ahead. Her passion is health optimization and hormone balancing using integrative, and functional medicine approaches. She is among only a few Canadian physicians to have become Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and believes that with healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, supplements, and hormone balancing, we may be able to slow down the aging process to improve health, prevent disease and optimize fertility.
  • Dr. Jessica O'Reilly PhD - As an award-winning speaker, author and TV personality, Jess knows sex. Her doctoral research focused on sexual health and relationship education and she is passionate about accessible education.
  • Stacey Gorlicky RP, RIHR, RPC - Stacey is a Toronto-based psychotherapist and author of "food, Sex & You". She is a passionate spokesperson for mental-health issues. Specializing in treating addiction along with trauma, anxiety, and depression, Stacey takes a naturalistic, spiritual, and eclectic approach to healing, combining both traditional and cutting-edge treatment methods. 

  • Ellen White - Ellen is an international life coach, public speaker, and tv host with over 15 years of experience developing people’s personal potential.
  • Dr. Jen Bayani Chiropractor, Acupuncturist - Jen is the owner of Health Foundations, a multi-discipliary clinic in downtown Toronto. Her 17-year practice integrates a variety of techniques from chiropractic care, orthotic therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation.
  • Dr. Daria Love DC, ND Naturopath - Daria has worked extensively with those suffering from such ailments as chronic fatigue, recurrent infections, allergies, food sensitivities, digestive problems including gastritis, IBS and IBD, diabetes and insulin resistance, inflammatory illnesses including arthritis, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease as well as cancer support treatment. Her approach to health care utilizes a variety of naturopathic therapies to create comprehensive programs that focus on individual health needs.
  • MJ Shaw - MJ is a fitness, dance and yoga expert based out of Toronto. Her modus operandi is to empower women through their bodies. With a professional background in choreography and acting, she brings passion and performance into her training approach. She is the founder of Dynamic Fitness & Retreats, offering PT and classes in Toronto and retreats, both local and abroad.

Are you ready to experience Optimal Health? Register TODAY and begin your transformation. I'm so excited to work with you!

Any questions can be sent to me directly via [email protected].