Sleazy Sales Tactics Drive Me CRAZY!

business coaching business growth entrepreneurship female entrepreneur Jul 12, 2022

Most entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space tell me that sales feels gross or icky, even though they fully understand that sales and marketing is a big part of building their business.


We've ALL experienced being on the other side of someone making an offer to buy their product or service... in a super sleazy way.


You know what drives me CRAZY!?


  • When someone sends me a DM when we have no relationship.
  • Or adds me to a group without my permission.
  • Or leaves me a voice message, or even worse, sings to me on my Birthday when I have NO IDEA who they are!! (it happens every year)


Unfortunately, this is what so many entrepreneurs are taught, and it's not very effective. If anything - it pushes people away.


I believe a more impactful approach is to create a virtuous know, like and TRUST energy with your audience.


In my Masterclass the 4 Steps to Making Your First $100k I talk about Niche, Positioning, Offers, and Mindset... but I don't go into sales. One of the reasons I don't talk about sales in this particular training is because when you have those 4 steps in place, the marketing and sales falls into place more authentically... it comes easier... and it will land more effectively with your audience. 


Cold DM pitches and other ineffective tactics will STUNT the growth of your business.


Did you know that it takes a tenth of a second to form an impression, and in 3 seconds someone will determine if they like you or not?


If you want to make a horrible first impression, then send me a cold DM or send me a voice message when we have absolutely no relationship. Because that's what will happen - I will immediately have a bad first impression of you.


After you've left me with a bad taste in my mouth, two things can happen:


#1. The "relationship" is dead in the water at that point.

#2. It will take you 100x more effort to generate an authentic relationship with me. 


I posted about this topic months ago and someone commented that they "consider it a gift to have an ambitious stranger dropped into my inbox by the universe".


I love that this person has this perspective. The key word here however is "stranger"... meaning we have no relationship.


Ever heard of Stranger Danger? It emerges around 6 months of age and increases over the next year as an innate protection mechanism. Of course that shifts as we get older, but the foundation is there.


This is your business. Your business! BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIP! 


If it takes seconds for someone to make a judgement about you and your business... then why would you waste your precious and valuable entrepreneurial time and energy on sending cold DM's and taking other unsolicited actions?


There's a reason why they're called COLD! 🥶🥶


As the CEO of your own business... is a cold, unsolicited, uninvited, detached message the first impression you want to make?


Is that the first taste of your business you want to offer someone?


Let me state this again... THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS!


I want to offer that you (and your VA) could be spending your valuable time, money, and energy in a more effective, authentic and impactful way.


Stop being graspy!


Start acting like the badass CEO I know you can be!


You want to introduce your business in a compelling way.
You want your x-factor to shine though.
You want to come across as the expert that you are.
You want to cultivate RELATIONSHIPS.


Sending cold dm pitches or voice messages will NEVER accomplish any of the above.


If you're unsure how to meet potential clients, foster quality connections, or convert a cold audience into a warm one - that's ok. There is no shame in that.


It took me YEARS in sales to figure it out.


We're only human, and navigating this thing called entrepreneurship can be challenging.


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