Radio Interview: World's Most Amazing People

Sep 14, 2017


In this podcast, Kelsey gets interviewed by KC Armstrong, host of WMAP Radio. They discuss challenges and how to bounce back stronger than ever. Kelsey dives into her personal struggles and why she decided to get into the sort of life coaching and health coaching that supports and empowers women. 


I have some big news...

After almost two years, I've decided to open up some spots for new 1:1 coaching clients. If you are a female entrepreneur who is tired of messing around and is truly ready for massive growth on all levels, then contact me ASAP to secure one of these spots. 

Together we'll work on:

  • Navigating the mind drama that's holding you hostage
  • Making more money
  • Massively growing from the inside out
  • Acquiring the skills and confidence to become an unstoppable entrepreneur 

I'm opening my doors for 3 clients only! Let's finish 2021 with a great big abundant bang!

Book a free consultation today to see if we're the right fit for each other.


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