Podcast 1 | How Do I Start?

entrepreneurship personal growth podcast Feb 01, 2022

I am your host, Kelsey Matheson and I am a business and life coach on a mission to help women grow as entrepreneurs and in turn, grow their business.

In this first episode, I talk about where you need to begin in order to start transforming yourself as an entrepreneur. I share the #1 tip that I've heard from countless successful entrepreneurs, why it’s important to face your fears instead of numbing them, how we can rewire our thoughts, and a question to get you thinking! I’m so excited to share these beginning steps and everything I’ve learned along my entrepreneurship journey with you throughout this and upcoming episodes.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The number one thing to focus on as an entrepreneur (2:19)
  • Not to numb your fears (8:37)
  • We can rewire our thoughts (11:30)
  • A question for you to ponder (14:41)

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