The Academy Extension

You excitedly signed up for The Optimal Health & Conscious Living Academy, and were all about your desired outcomes (remember those from Week 1?), but you've been dragging your heels and not logging in as much as you'd like.

You're not alone! Statistically speaking, more than 60% of people that sign up for online courses don't follow through.

But this is not what you paid for!

100% of the women who sign on for my Academy want CHANGE and I want to see you make the necessary lifestyle edits, and use all the tools effectively, so that you're at the top of your game.

This is why I coach. Oftentimes an external energy source is necessary to create the kind of proactive pressure that leads to making change happen ... To push past limiting beliefs, and that "I'll get to it later" talk.


For many people it's accountability that accelerates change. And that's why I'm setting some time aside to offer private coaching and support.

The Academy Extension is for students who would like a booster shot to get them through unfinished sections of the course. With the added bonus of continuing the deeply personal work that was started during our 8 weeks together.

This a 4-week commitment where I will hold you accountable as we work one-to-one to accomplish your goals.

You'll get...

  • One 30-minute call per week for four weeks
  • Clarifying goals and how to achieve specific outcomes with the least resistance
  • Reverse engineering any beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back
  • Creating a strategy for optimal health and conscious living that you can not only rely on daily, but build upon 
  • Unlimited email support, so you have me in your corner every day of your journey - this alone is worth $500

...And you'll receive a free 2018 Passion Planner! 

PS. Whether the your desired outcomes you set during Week 1 of the course were to lose weight, balance hormones, improve your self-care, or create a workout plan, The Academy Extension is one-on-one time with me that's guaranteed to get you organized, optimized, and on the fast track to achieving your goals.


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