The Optimal Lifestyle Challenge

Are you sick of the struggle?

In this 4-part video coaching series, I share what an optimal lifestyle is all about and how you can - consciously and courageously - start living your best life NOW.

Hosted by me, personal coach Kelsey Matheson, you will gain insight from top experts who have appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Playboy TV, and in many highly respected publications like Shape Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Each video's content is detailed below. 

Video #1 Packing extra weight you just can't lose? Food sensitivities causing chronic inflammation? I explain the 8 aspects of optimal health using something I developed called The Wheel of Health. Let's get you back on track!  

Video #2 Need solutions to fight fatigue and feeling overwhelmed? With the help of experts, you'll understand the power of meditation, proper sleep hygiene and the importance of restorative sleep.

Video #3 Dealing with a loss of sex drive? We dive into the mirky waters of relationships, intimacy, libido and body image. You will hear from an internationally renowned life coach, as well as celebrity sexologist Dr. Jessica O'Reilly.

Video #4 Exercise for life! Fitness expert MJ Shaw leads you through an 8-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that may just change the way you workout for good. Don't miss this Challenge wrap up!

You will receive Video #1 immediately with your purchase, then another video every day thereafter.

I look forward to coaching you through this Optimal Lifestyle Challenge!


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