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The Wellness Warriors Inner Circle

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How To Get Motivated

Establish A Healthy, Abundant Mindset

Take Control Of Your Life

Do any of the following sound like your life?

  • You’ve tried in vain to trim down, get fit, and rediscover your inner confidence… And you feel as though there’s nothing more you can do…
  • Your work, personal and home lives seem inseparable… And you want nothing more than to have some “me time”...
  • Your mood is quick to change, your energy levels low, and your libido non-existent…
  • Perhaps the most painful thing is that you feel as though you have no place to turn…

You aren’t alone. Thousands of women find themselves experiencing these feelings every single day…

But please, don’t worry. Because it can all change.

However that’s easier said than done, right?

Most of us carry the echoes of years – or maybe even multiple lifetimes – of stress, poor health habits, and low self-esteem around with us every day.

  • The diets that left us only feeling more frustrated than ever…
  • The exercise programs that sounded great… but were simply too much to fit into our hectic lives…
  • The overwhelming embarrassment of telling friends and loved ones you were “getting into shape”... only to continue making excuses, cover up in the summer, and avoid undressing in front of your partner.


And it took me many years, thousand of dollars, and a ton of trial and error to realize that optimal health is a journey that's unique to all of us. There is no one size fits all.

In my 20s and 30s I knew EXACTLY how my body would respond to exercise, sleep, or making certain food choices...and then that changed. Almost overnight, I felt I had no control over my body or my emotions. The rug had been ripped out from underneath me in terms of my vitality.

Then, after years of research, I realized the real reason women are suffering. Women living in these incredibly hectic times need personalized attention, accountability, a supportive community, and proper guidance. When I found those four key ingredients, I finally was able to feel like myself again.

I put a permanent end to my exhaustion… got healthier… felt happier… and I'm now enjoying the best mental clarity of my life!

The problem is, finding these four “crucial factors” is hard. Very hard. And that’s why I decided to create what I like to call...


The Wellness Warriors Inner Circle is a group of determined women just like you, who want to navigate through the noise and confusion, and take back control of their lives.

Thanks to expert guidance, tools, and resources on all things health - from dealing with food intolerances, to stress management, to sleep, weight loss, and fitness advice - these women are getting healthy, improving their relationships, and rediscovering their inner power.

But it goes much deeper than that!

Because these women aren’t just getting healthy. They’re also connecting to their higher-self, and finding themselves able to live a life full of joy, happiness, and abundance.


  • Two 60-minute live calls per month, where you will hear from renowned Doctors, Naturopaths, Financial Experts, Coaches, Sexologists, and other female health experts, as they share how you can easily improve your well-being and health…
  • Regular discussions, where you can ask questions, meet other like-minded women, share resources, or just air your frustrations…
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, with responsive peer support, and priority access to myself…
  • Unlimited access to all previous calls (found within the Inner Circle Membership Area, and our private Facebook group)...
  • Accountability. The type of accountability no diet program, fitness coach, or exercise program could ever deliver. Your journey towards optimal health will be lived alongside an incredibly community of women at all times. You’ll never be on your own!

And much, much more. 

Kelsey’s program was truly life-changing for me. Each session has an expert that you’d pay hundreds of dollars to get in the presence of. They fill the time with all this valuable information that I immediately applied to my own life. Kelsey makes it all real and doable and as a result, I changed many tangible things in my life.
— Paula Tursi

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