Cultivate an unstoppable mindset and surround yourself with a powerful community that will help you and your business grow EXPONENTIALLY!

Get ready to AMPLIFY your income & EXPAND your impact!

Join us for weekly trainings where Kelsey Matheson and guest experts share top strategies and proven business building tools… as well as Kelsey's biggest breakthroughs from 20+ years of experience growing multi-million dollar businesses while having an unstoppable mindset (and navigating the Doubt Demons).

I'm Ready For More!

I'm ready to learn next level strategies and tactics on marketing, sales, social media, building my lists, attracting more followers, navigating self-care… and making more money!

I'm Ready To Invest in Myself & My Business!

The Next Level of Your Business Starts Here...

It's not about working harder and burning yourself out... it's about working in a way that is more sustainable and authentic.


Here's what the Mastermind involves...

  • WEEKLY LIVE TRAININGS teaching the latest tips, tactics & business success strategies, with discussions, Q&A's and guest speakers.
  • Create an UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET to amplify your wealth, confidence, happiness, self-care and abundance even during difficult times.
  • Uncovering and HEALING feelings of failure, imposter syndrome, and unworthiness that are keeping you stuck.
  • Setting healthy BOUNDARIES that will allow you to build your business without sacrificing your energy, me-time & relationships.
  • Surrounding yourself with a COMMUNITY of like-minded women who will support you & your business, and hold you accountable.


Ultimately get the latest breakthrough & success strategies that will authentically take your business to THE NEXT-LEVEL!

"When I joined the Mastermind two years ago it was because of Kelsey's encouragement, even though I was done with business and business as usual. She honored all the parts of me, including the ones that didn't know how to do this or that, but were also emotionally struggling in the business part of life. It was a holistic, healing approach. I was able with the Mastermind's support to finally launch the nonprofit I had been dreaming about for almost a decade and also find ways to navigate the burnout in my other business - and shift & pivot where I needed to. I simply would not be where I am today without Kelsey's unconditionally loving and effective coaching and support of the group of women she has brought together. What an amazing gift it has been to my life." - Heidi Howes

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About Your Success Coach - Kelsey Matheson


I've built multiple businesses, travelled around the world, learned new languages, built an incredible network of amazing people, married my soulmate, and have a beautiful daughter. During this 20+ year journey, I learned that most business coaches and marketing guru's teach strategies and tactics that come from a very masculine perspective and energy.

When I learned I could build my businesses AUTHENTICALLY as a wife and a mom, and prioritize time for myself and my relationships... my focus shifted to empowering other female entrepreneurs as well.

I started this mastermind to help Female Business Owners who need support. For the past 6 years I've been working with aspiring and established female entrepreneurs in achieving their goals in a sustainable way. I believe that everyone has an "x-factor" - a unique way they serve the world. I know Masterminds are a necessary part of growing a business, and this Mastermind is specifically designed for WOMEN.

You want to achieve that next level... You want to soar... You want to create an impact on the world... But you're unsure of the next steps.


All The Tools You Need 


This Mastermind is a beautiful blend of:

  • Learning strategies that WORK and feel right for you, your business, and your clients
  • Staying on track with a clear vision and focus on what you a driven to achieve
  • Learning how to utilize your feminine energy to step into your power
  • Support from the group when you're feeling that self-doubt & anxiety creep in
  • Networking with other powerful women in business who will help you GROW
  • PLUS a lot of fun and a bit of magic thrown in as well...

But most importantly it's an important tool and resource that will inevitably provide you and your business with TRANSFORMATION!

Kelsey has incorporated all the tools she has learned being a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years, and all the knowledge and training that has been past down to her by the coaches and mentors she's worked with. 

Weekly Training 

You will receive weekly live coaching sessions that include a discussion and Q&A. Every Monday we meet at 11am ET over Zoom as a group - and if you can't make the live calls they are recorded for your convenience. 


As a group we focus on next level expansion - not only for our business, but as women stepping into our roles as leaders. What got us HERE will not get us THERE. We look at a version of success that is sustainable.


As a group we support each other, we share resources, and we champion one another. We have already created a culture of progress because the majority of the members have been a part of this group for 2 years.


This Mastermind Is Meant For You If...

  • You are overwhelmed sorting through all the expert advice on how to grow your business.


  • You have done everything you were "supposed to have done" … but you're feeling stuck and unsure about what the future holds and how the fallout from this pandemic will play out. 


  • You're frustrated with hard-core selling techniques and strategies do not align with who you are OR how you want to communicate to your clients.


  • You might not admit it, but you're exhausted trying to reach all your goals or have hit a plateau and can’t seem to breakthrough to the next level.


  • You want to soar to great heights but suffer from imposter syndrome and the fear of failure.


  • You are looking to find balance between building something you care very much about, and living a life outside of your business that you care very much about.

Being An Entrepreneur Is Lonely - Especially For Women.

Being A Part Of A Community That Will Help You Build Your Empire Is CRUCIAL.

“Where do I start?! When I first started my journey, Kelsey was one of the first women leaders that I met in my inner circle. Little did I know that she was going to play an integral part on my journey. She’s always been there for me as my Coach, mentor, and a friend who helped guide me through my business. I’m so thankful for Kelsey... It’s been life-changing working with her. You don't want to miss out on this mastermind!” - Liza


The Future Is Yours!

We all need next level strategies and tactics on marketing, sales, social media, building lists, followers, warm leads... and making more money. It’s important to cultivate that unstoppable mindset and surround yourself with the right community that will help you and your business stay relevant!

Every week we’ll focus on key principles, insights and strategies that build upon each other in order for you to authentically feel your true potential as a business leader and effectively scale your business.

Kelsey uses her coaching background, entrepreneurial experience and spiritual teachings to guide the members of this Mastermind through personal and professional transformations.

"Kelsey is not only a business and empowerment coach… She is a leader, a healer, and a visionary." - Paula


When you sign up for the Mastermind you'll receive a welcome email from Kelsey, and gain access to the private Facebook group. You'll be introduced to the rest of the members and will also have access to the past trainings and materials.

Here’s an overview of the topics and trainings the Mastermind provides, from a feminine leadership perspective:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Next Level Expansion & Impact
  • Becoming a Stronger Leader
  • Launching Online Courses & Programs
  • Creating Webinars
  • Email Automations
  • Building Your Email List & Followers
  • Press & Public Relations
  • Self-care & Balance
  • Writing & Publishing Your Best Selling Book






Frequently Asked Questions


"I have experienced such incredible growth in all my businesses since joining the Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs, and so much more is coming! And I have learned so much—whether it be in the realm of marketing, sales, products, business maps, promotion and most especially (and importantly) self-care. I now have email lists and newsletters for my businesses, I post regularly to a number of social media platforms and do lives on Facebook and Instagram (all things I had not even attempted before). I have developed strategies for live and remote events and promotional campaigns, partnered with other businesses and continue to develop new business skills all the time and have even found use for old skills I didn’t know would come in so handy! I know where to go when I need help, but I have also had the privilege of contributing to this incredible group." - Regan

Imagine YOUR BUSINESS in 6 months from now! 


Total Value of This One of a Kind Mastermind

  • Weekly training sessions with Kelsey Matheson and/or guest experts [$30,000 for the year]
  • Access to past recorded training sessions [$10,000]
  • Quarterly private 1:1 sessions with Kelsey [$15,000]
  • Private Facebook group to network and access support whenever you need it [$5000]
  • Additional trainings, videos, resources, materials and MORE! [$2500]

That's a Total Value of over $60,000!

Investing in yourself AND your business can be a game changer. If you are serious about your business staying relevant during difficult times and serving the world in a way that only you can... then sign up to the Mastermind for Female Entrepreneurs TODAY!

Let's Do This!